Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Foggy Sunrise

Our morning walks moved even earlier with back to school season!  I haven't been able to catch the sunrise in weeks since I'm generally back inside by that time trying to get two girls ready and out the door on time.  My husband caught the pink sunrise through the fog this morning--so I thought I would share it as this week's Wordless Wednesday link-up!

 While I have been missing the sunrises--I have been catching the deer eating our apples as the girls and I walk to the bus stops.  There are always deer out and about on the trail where we walk in the early, early morning--but, it's too dark to see them well!

Enjoy your Wednesday and Link Up Your Latest Wordless Wednesday Posts!

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  1. Stunning photos nice to see but not to be in the fog heheh!

    Have a deertastic week :-)

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS shots! I have the sunset photos to go with! ;)

  3. So pretty and magical!

  4. You captured the light through the mist really well, these images really 'feel' like early morning




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