Unique Food Gift Ideas with Gourmet Gifter

We love both giving and receiving food gifts in our little corner of the world!  Over the years, we have discovered that most of our friends and relatives enjoy receiving unique or gourmet foods and snacks as well during birthdays, special occasions, the holidays--or simply "just because"!  We recently discovered Gourmet Gifter and have the wonderful opportunity to feature and review some of their specialty, gourmet food products in our upcoming posts.

We may receive slight compensation from affiliate links within this post.

What is Gourmet Gifter?  Gourmet Gifter is an up-and-coming food gift company offering a specialty selection of gourmet food gifts, snacks, chocolates, sweets, healthy treats, and specialty gift baskets.   With the holiday season approaching a little too quickly; I am always on the lookout for new gift ideas and new foods to try with family and friends.

Gourmet Gifter:  Upcoming Review Sneak Peek...

We just received a Gourmet Gifter box in the mail--loaded with goodies--and we will be posting reviews of each item as soon as we sample them!  During the month, we will have the opportunity to sample and review....

Homemade Peanut Brittle 

Chili Cheese Corn Puffs

PurEarth Pineapple Meal Replacement Bar

Salty Sweet Addiction Colby's Kettle Corn

Love food gifts?   Check out the Gourmet Gifter website for everything from pre-made, food gift baskets to an assortment of snacks and treats suitable for creating your own specialty gifts!  As we head back to school--I would love to send some of these items off for college care packages and special teacher gifts!

We are looking forward to reviewing these items from Gourmet Gifter!  Check back throughout the month for updates!

Disclosure:  We may receive affiliate compensation from Gourmet Gifter via links within our posts.  All opinions will remain our own--and our reviews of the Gourmet Gifter products will include both the good and the bad qualities regardless of compensation!

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