Does Mom Need a Checkup? Age by Age Guide to Women's Health Checkups

Now that summer is fading away and the kids are heading back to school; it is time for Mom to make sure that she's making her own health and wellness a priority.   While you are loading up the family's calendar with soccer games and extra curricular activities, playdates, birthday parties, and family commitments--don't forget to make sure that you've taken some time to schedule in the important health screenings and checkups that you may let slip throughout the year!  Too often, women put their own health and wellness on the back burner to their families' needs.  We thought this was the perfect time to remind women to make their health and wellness a priority.  With the help of  Oscar Health Insurance Company ,, we're excited to share an outline of checkups women need to make their health a priority throughout their lifetime. How long has it been you have had a tetanus shot?  Or even a full physical exam?  We'd love for you to take a look--and take some time to take control of your health!

We were not compensated for this post. We simply felt the information provided was useful to our readers!

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