#Monday Motivation: What was my Favorite Motivational Quote this Week?

If you follow A Mama's Corner of the World on Twitter, you know that we share a daily dose of motivation via an early morning quote.  We find that it's always best to start the day off with a positive, motivational reminder--even if the day started off out of whack before our feet hit the floor!  The quote that I shared this morning was actually shared by my daughter early in the week .

"Don't Stop When you are Tired--Stop When you are Done"

While the significance was different for my daughter than for my husband or for me--it was a wonderful reminder.  My daughter loves the quote from an athletic standpoint.  She began running cross country this year--and this quote could not be more relevant to her during practices and meets each day!  I realized that I was often leaving a couple of items undone at the end of the day by using my "I'm too tire" excuse.  Those two or three items were causing me added stress in the morning--and even preventing me from resting well at night as I felt guilty for leaving them undone!

Don't Stop When you are Tired...Stop When you are Done"

I think so many of us are pushing ourselves to finish accomplish things; but, find ourselves derailed by boredom or tiredness.  I was amazed by how how much more I was able to accomplish later in the evenings by revisiting this quote--and pushing through the urge to stop.  Most days, the two or three straggling tasks took less than 30 minutes to finish!

30 minutes of perseverance helped me knock most of the items off my daily to-do list, helped me meet the next day with better structure and order--and it didn't lead me to death or exhaustion.  Every day, I finished the nagging extras on my list and lived to tell the tale!

So--my thoughts for this week still center on this quote as I hit those "tired" times of the day (mid afternoon, late evening).  There is something so rewarding in finishing.  Whether it's a race, a work project--or just a pile of laundry.

Keep it realistic--but, "Don't Stop When you are Tired...Stop When you are Done" a few times this week--and see how much peace it actually brings!

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