5 Everyday Uses for Casters

If you think casters are only useful on things like library carts and restaurant dollies, think again! Everything is better on wheels, and here are just five ways you can mobilize your household goods and see this truth for yourself.

Toolboxes. If you're still lugging your toolbox around the garage, it's time to join the revolution and get a wheeled one. You can simply roll it wherever you need it, increasing both your efficiency during home improvement projects and the state of your back when you no longer need to haul around heavy toolboxes stuffed with machinery.

Laundry Baskets. No one likes lugging a huge basket of clothes to the basement or laundry room. But what if you could just wheel it along? Wheeled laundry hampers are becoming increasingly common in households where people are tired of doing the maximum amount of labor when the minimum will do.

Desks.  Do you love working in front of a sunrise but hate the glare on your computer screen by midday? Adding a few large casters to your desk will allow you to change its placement no matter where the sun is blazing. They're also extremely useful if you have multiple offices but only one desk; instead of physically transporting all your pens and papers from one room to another, you can simply roll your desk into it.

Chairs.  Not only are they more convenient than stationary chairs, but wheeled chairs are also good for your health. This is because most wheeled chairs are also swivel chairs, meaning they've been designed with ergonomics in mind. Say goodbye to backaches after poring over paperwork all day!

Kitchen Aisles. You don't have to spend thousands on home remodeling to have your very own kitchen island. You can just buy one with wheels! It can be rolled wherever you need it in the kitchen, functioning as everything from a cutting board to an ingredient basket. Best of all, if you buy a multipurpose kitchen aisle, you can also store things below in its cupboards.

These are just a few ways to increase the mobility of everyday objects around the house. Remember, too, that the sky is the limit! Casters are so easy to apply that you can add wheels to virtually anything, so don't be afraid to try something new if you get an idea.

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