5 Reasons you Should Pre-Plan Your Funeral

None of us wants to think of dying, death or funerals.  We just don't!  Nor do we want to consider losing those near and dear to us to an unexpected accident or illness--yet; these things do happen.    At some point, we all need to realistically consider the "what if something happens" conversation.  And--it is one of those conversations we should have a little sooner rather than later.  One of the best decisions my family made was to pre-plan my grandparents' funeral arrangements--several years before we needed the services.  I am a huge proponent of pre-planned funerals--and I wanted to share 5 reasons why you really should pre-plan your funeral.

You Make your Wishes Known.  A few weeks ago, I realized that my husband and I had never really discussed our end-of-life wishes.  Even after all these years.  Where would we like to be buried?  DO we want burial or cremation?  Do we want a funeral service and a lengthy visitation--or something simpler.  Pre-planning your funeral allows you to make some very clear decisions that you may never have really discussed with those close to you. 

You Have Time to Compare Prices and Options.   Yes--this sounds harsh--but, if you have calculated the costs of an average funeral today--you will find that they range from expensive to insanely expensive.  Pre-planning your funeral lets you compare the services and options available from funeral homes or crematoriums--and lets you craft a tasteful service without grief clouding your better, financial judgement.   

You Have the Opportunity to Choose.  My grandmother knew exactly which funeral home she wanted to handle her service.  Period.  She had a long-time relationship with the director and she trusted them completely.  Without her input; I am not sure I would have made that same choice.  Whether your are looking for friendly Sydney funeral homes in Australia--or exploring your options closer to the states; pre-planning gives you the opportunity to meet directors, discuss your personal plans in depth--and personally visit (and approve) the funeral home or service providers. 

Pre-Planning Takes the Burden off Your Loved Ones.   If you have ever lost someone close to you; you know that the grieving process is an extremely difficult one.  In the days immediately following a loved one's death--the grieving are in no frame of mind for decision making and event planning...but, they must plan a funeral.  There will certainly be other tasks left behind for loved ones to attend--but, the bulk of the funeral planning process could be finished for them if you pre-plan.

Pre-Planning your Funeral Offers Peace of Mind.  Pre-Planning helped our family so much.  We knew that we were offering my grandparents the final services that they wanted--and we had already worked out pricing and payment details--and had even gathered and allocated life insurance policies accordingly.    Losing each grandparent was painful--but, not needing to attend to details about caskets and music while we grieved was such a relief.  The funeral process is for the grieving--and I know that I will feel much peace of mind knowing that I will not overburden them or exhaust them at a point when they need peace and comfort.   

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  1. Great tips, but I am not ready to die yet. I have way too much to live for. Have a great weekend.

    1. I'm not ready either--but, I'm always one to prepare....and not leave "extra work" for others! I guess it's the mom in me. ;) Thanks for stopping by!



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