Book Review & Giveaway: E.Q. Librium by Yvette Bethel

What if you could be three steps ahead of the underhanded games people play at work? What would life be like if we were given the opportunity to learn how to navigate the complexities of office interactions, all through improving your self-awareness and self-regulation skills?  We were excited to join the book tour for E.Q. Librium by Yvette Bethel with a review--and to offer you the opportunity to enjoy this book & enter to win a prize in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post.  What did we think of E.Q. Librium?

We received a complimentary copy of this book for use in our review.  All opinions are our own. 

Quick Summary of E.Q. Librium by Yvette Bethel.  The book, "E.Q. Librium: Unleash the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence; A Proven Path to Career Success"  explores over 50 real-life workplace scenarios leaders and employees will encounter. Using easy to understand language, E.Q. Librium provides solutions to difficult situations, and thought-provoking self-assessment questions.

In this invaluable guide, you’ll discover how to:

Become an emotionally competent leader
Improve your performance
Communicate effectively
Transform your team
Develop your emotional intelligence and better position yourself for your career goals
Manage your stress
Navigate difficult personalities
Interview well under pressure
Determine if a career is the right one for you
Contribute to improved morale.

E.Q. Librium is part textbook--and part guidebook.  Some of the book does deal with very technical aspects as the author analyzes emotional intelligence.  This does give the book a textbook tone at times.  Having said that; however, the author illustrates her ideas via real world case studies and helps readers utilize that textbook information in very practical, real-world based exercises.

E.Q. Librium offers a useful resource for managers, employees and students alike.  This book shares a lot of well defined technical information regarding emotional intelligence--but, does so in a very practical way.  The passages are short, easy to understand--and include a number of exercises and activities to practice the material learned throughout the book.  While I can certainly see this book as a useful guide to business managers and professionals--it is presented in such a manner that anyone is able to use the book to better attain their own goals and personal results.

Would I recommend E.Q. Librium by Yvette Bethel?  We live in a very emotionally charged world--where technology has taken away some of our innate human interactions.  I think many of us forget the role emotions play in our thoughts, actions and events of our days.  While this book may be intended for the career oriented/business world--I think it has an even greater value to daily life and our own daily interactions.  Emotions drive our behaviors--and our small successes and failures.  I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to understand or to re-think our human, emotional responses--or trying to correlate behaviors in those around us to situations and events.  This is a great book for those of us asking why we do the things we do--and how we can re-wire ourselves (and encourage others) do things better or more successfully.  

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Meet the Author:
Yvette Bethel is a Fulbright Scholar, HR and business consultant, emotional intelligence practitioner, trainer, lecturer and author who was employed by a Fortune 500 bank for almost two decades. During her tenure in the banking industry, she served in senior capacities in corporate strategy, marketing, PR, training and human resources. Bethel’s HR and training experience commenced in the late 1980s and before venturing into her own business, her HR and training role was responsible for a portfolio of eight countries.

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