Book Revew: 117 Dumbest Criminal Stories The Southwest by Leonard Birdsong

117 non water markedI have read several of law professor, Leonard Birdsong's Dumbest Criminal Stories compilations--and looked forward to reading the latest stemming from reports in the Southwestern U.S.  What did I think of Professor Birdsong's latest 117 Dumbest Criminal Stories: The Southwest?  

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my blog review.  All opinions are my own.

Quick Summary of Professor Birdsong's 117 Dumbest Criminal Stories: The Southwest.  How dumb can a criminal be? Dumb enough to make you laugh out loud at these true stories of really dumb criminal activity. This volume of Professor Birdsong’s 117 Dumbest Criminal Stories: The Southwest is written just for fun and enjoyment. It showcases the kind of many funny and weird criminal law stories that he has found and written about since 2010. The stories in this volume come to you from the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas -- the Southwest region of the U.S. Professor Birdsong has found out a lot of dumb criminal stories from the Southwest. They include, Drunk and/or Disorderly Dummies from the Southwest; Dumbest Robbers of the Southwest; and includes a chapter of the most bizarre dumbest criminals of the Southwest.      

Readers will learn of:
  • the cross-dressing San Diego man who went on a rampage in a Denny’s restaurant when he believed that his cell phone had been stolen;
  • the story of the California man arrested for hoarding and keeping more than 400 snakes in his home;
  • the burglar who was arrested after he tried to break into a college office and became so entangled in the venetian blinds he could not get out;
  • the Arizona story about the bank robber who pulled off the job, received money and was caught shortly thereafter when he stopped down the street from the bank where he stopped and ordered beer and pizza with some of the bank loot;
  • the one about the Dallas woman who bit off her boyfriend’s lower lip while kissing him at midnight at a New Year’s party – she was charged with aggravated assault;
  • the Texas bank robber who, after receiving the loot, tipped the teller with one of the $20 bills she had just given him.
117 Dumbest Criminal Stories: The Southwest is a fun, quick read.  Birdsong continues his humorous series with his usual wit and personality shining through.  The book contains short paragraphs detailing a bit of information from the criminal adventure--along with a comment or two from Birdsong.  The book may be read in short bursts of time--especially when you need an eye-rolling, smile inducing "lift" to your day.

Would I recommend 117 Dumbest Criminal Stories: The Southwest?  The stories in this collection will make you smile--and wonder, not only why, but HOW such crimes even happen!  If you enjoy reading about stupid human tricks--the entire 117 Dumbest Criminal Stories series should be on your list.  I did not laugh out loud as much at the antics of the criminals featured in this book as I did in some of the past books from the series--but, I enjoyed several eye rolls and moments of pause as I wondered just why (and often how) some of the reports happened at all! 

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About the Author

birdsong-colorProfessor Birdsong received his J.D. from the Harvard Law School and his B.A. from Howard University. He teaches law in Orlando, Florida. After graduation from law school he worked four years at the law firm of Baker Hostetler. He then entered into a varied and distinguished career in government service. He served as a diplomat with the U.S. State Department with various postings in Nigeria, Germany and the Bahamas. Professor Birdsong later served as a federal prosecutor. After leaving government service, and before he began teaching, Professor Birdsong was in private law practice in Washington, D.C. 

Find Professor Birdsong on his website and on Twitter @Prof_Birdsong, on Literary Addicts and Goodreads.

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