#MondayMotivation : Make the Most of What you Have

Growing up,  my motto was generally, "do the best you can with what you have."  I had to make the most of whatever little bit of anything I had to accomplish the things I wanted or needed. I was probably "poor" by definition--but, since most of my friends and neighbors were in the same socioeconomic circles, I really didn't know! I did know; however, that it was not always easy to accomplish things with limited resources.  I had to learn to be a little more creative and think outside the box.  I didn't always have everything that I needed or wanted for projects--but, I was always able to turn what I had into a version of what I felt it "should" be.

I remember hand-drawing copies of the state of Ohio in 7th grade--and tracing in the outlines of all 88 counties so that I could practice labeling the counties for tests.  Our teachers didn't hand out many "practice copies"...and we couldn't play practice games on the internet.  I spent a great deal of time creating my "copies"--but, I felt it was the best way for me to memorize the locations.  I was one of the few in my grade able to label all of the counties. 
Today--I print practice copies of such assignments for the girls from the internet--or make copies from my "multi-tasking" printer.  In minutes.

I remember my grandpa helping me with science fair projects through elementary school and even junior high. I advanced to the next level of the science fairs a couple of times with my (very) homemade presentations. I didn't have money for poster boards--or extra "oops-funds" for mistakes....We created circuit board demonstrations from old wood in the back yard...adding car tail-light bulbs and batteries--and presentations from old-school "typing paper" glued onto stand-up-boards created behind the house.

Although, I really don't "need" to improvise the components of school projects, make Halloween costumes and accessories, make picnic lunches for outings or pack school lunches every day--I do it because I think it's important that my daughters learn to make the most of everything that they have.

I do it because I want my girls to think "outside the box".

I do it because I can--and I want my daughters to be able to make something from "nothing" as well.  Hopefully, they never "need" to....

But...just in case. 

As this week's #MondayMotivation post; I would like to remind everyone that we may not have everything we want (or even feel that we need) every day--but, we can almost always accomplish something with what we have.  Even something wonderful.  Something worthy of top marks.

Something that is ours.  

Or, better yet, shows just who we are and what we are capable of.

I know that it's hard to feel competitive when you see others with more opportunities and, seemingly, unlimited resources. I can tell you; however, without hesitation, that ingenuity and creativity are held with far more esteem than store-bought convenience fluff.

Every single one of us has something to offer--we just, sometimes, need to use what we have today...on the make our statements.

And That is 100% OKAY.  


Tackle that project that you have been putting off!

  You probably already have everything you need!

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