A Little Chocolate In The Kitchen

When you're in the mood for something sweet or you want to make a treat for the children, nothing says love like chocolate. There are many treats that you can make using baking chocolate as well as a few other items that you probably have in the kitchen. You can make something with a fresh taste that includes fruits or something that takes sweetness overboard by adding fudge and candy.

 A pie is always an easy dish to make at any time of the year. You can tweak the ingredients so that you have something decadent for spring and summer or as a warm treat for the winter months. Use a pie crust that is easy to bake as the chocolate won't take long to get done. You can mix cream with melted chocolate for a softer touch or add a few crushed cookies for something that has a crunch.

Another option is to make a cake. This is something that can usually go a long way if you cut it into small slices. You want to use the chocolate in the batter instead of adding it after everything is already blended. The chocolate will have a bitter taste, so it's best to use it with a little more sugar or another sweet ingredient. Orange zest works well with this kind of chocolate as well as mint or lemon. You can develop several different flavors if you experiment with items that you have in the pantry or in the refrigerator. You can also frost the cake with melted chocolate, but it's best to add a bit of powdered sugar or something that will help give a little stability while it is on the cake.

Peanut butter bars are a simple treat to make as well. The sweetness from the peanut butter will go well with the chocolate, and you can use crushed graham crackers or chocolate cookies as a crust. Cookies can be made with the sweet addition, but you don't need to use much as it can make them taste strong. Consider adding coconut to the cookies so that there is a balance of sweet and bitter flavors.

As my middle daughter says--you cannot go wrong with chocolate.  Period.  Ever.

Enjoy the ideas--and enjoy a little chocolate in the kitchen!

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