Book Review: Whispers of the Skyborne: Devices of War Trilogy Book 3

I have read and reviewed a number of S.M. Blooding's books over the past few years.  The Devices of War series being the latest from her.  I haven't reviewed a futuristic/science fiction book in a while--so I was really excited to wrap up the series with Whispers of the Skyborne.  What did I think of the third book in the series?  

I received a complimentary e-copy of this book for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.  

Quick Sumary of Whispers of the Skyborne:  Devices of War Trilogy Book 3.  The world has changed. The Great Families are no longer in power. Queen Nix of the Hands of Tarot has been stripped of her title and incarcerated. The League of Cities has been formed to provide a new line of defense to the smaller tribal nations. Not without consequences, though. Another of the original Great Families has been destroyed. As the new leaders rise from the ashes, a new threat comes to light; something no one saw coming, something that had been lurking under the surface of their society for generations. The Skyborne. As they discover just how deep the Skyborne’s influences are, they realize the war they thought they’d been fighting . . . . . . wasn’t the real one.

Whispers of the Skyborne incorporates life into a sci-fi setting.  The author combines strong character development with a well-designed, detailed, sci-fi world to bring a little reality to the fantasy novel.  It is easy to identify with some of the characters and their situations as many of their personal interactions reflect real-life as we know it.   Readers won't find simply a story of futuristic war and destruction--they will also meet characters and ponder outcomes to root for (and against).

The author keeps the action moving throughout the book.  While every page isn't action packed and dramatic--the author maintains an even pace and keeps the story line organized and nicely flowing.  I enjoy S.M. Blooding's writing style--and find that she keeps my interest offers just enough mystery and non-science fiction elements to appeal to readers of other genre as well.  

Devices of War is best read as a series.  While you could certainly read any of the books independently--I think you need to build the series' background and the scenes from book one to appreciate the story line and to be attached to the characters.  

Would I recommend Devices of War:  Whispers of the Skyborne by S.M. Blooding?  The author is a wonderful storyteller who creates well developed characters and detailed plots.  I would recommend the series to science fiction/fantasy fans--but, would not hesitate to recommend it to open minded, suspense novel readers as well.  I would read the series from the beginning--and expect that you will want to continue with the series after the first!

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