Fun Nighttime Activities for Your Kids This Summer

As much as kids look forward to summer break, parents don't always feel the same way. You need to find a way to keep your kids occupied during those hours they usually spend in school, and you may need to find ways to occupy them later at night too. With the fun and excitement of summer, kids have a hard time going to sleep at their regular bedtimes. With some fun nighttime activities, you and your kids can have a great time after the sun goes down and the stars come out.

Firefly Hunt.  Do you remember those nights you had chasing fireflies as a kid? Kids today are so busy with their phones and tablets that they often forget about the simple things in life. Remind your kids that they can have fun without using technology with a simple firefly hunt. Give each child a clean glass jar with a lid, sent them into the backyard and encourage them to catch some of those bugs. They'll love seeing the way the fireflies light up inside those jars. You can release those insects later at night and search for them again the next day.

Backyard Camp Out.
A backyard camp out is a great activity for kids of all ages, and you can let them invite some friends over to share the experience too. Set up a tent in the yard, hang or place some lanterns around the tent and let them sleep outside in their sleeping bags. If you have a barbecue grill or a fire pit, you can even help them roast marshmallows and hot dogs for dinner or a late night snack. Make sure that the kids know they can come inside if they get too scared.

Other Games.
There are lots of games that you can play with your kids at night. If you have a cornhole set, invest in a set of cornhole lights. These lights either attach directly to the playing boards or have poles that you can sit in the ground next to the boards before playing. Flashlight tag is another fun outdoor game. Instead of tagging each other by touch, they tag each other with the beam from the flashlight.

With activities like backyard camping, firefly hunts and games like flashlight tag, you can occupy your children and have fun together all summer long.

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