Monday Motivation: Tips to Stay Motivated on a Rainy Day

I don't know about you--but, a rainy, dreary, blah day just zaps me of energy, spirit and motivation!  I hate being cold.  I hate being wet.  I love bright days and warm sunshine!  The weather in our little corner of the world was actually better in the Winter than it has been during our first few weeks of Spring.  Mondays are tough enough without the rain clouds and the sleep-inspiring sounds of the raindrops on the roof and the windows!  I am struggling to stay motivated on this yucky, Monday morning--so I thought I would share some tips to stay motivated on a rainy day!

Bring on the Light! Generally, my home office space is graced by natural light during my work hours.  When it is cloudy outside, my internal clock thinks we are nearing bedtime ALL DAY LONG!  I closed my view of the outdoors with room darkening blinds and I brought in 4 lamps this morning to brighten the space!

Change the atmosphere with headphones.   Rain is relaxing and bedtime.  If I need to stay motivated and energized on a rainy day--I need to completely forget that it is raining!  Bring out the headphones, plug in an upbeat, energizing, music playlist--and shut out the dark, rain clouds!

Exercise Anyway.  If your exercise space is outdoors; the rain takes a toll on your daily routine.  Plan ahead for rainy days and put together an indoor exercise routine or go for an indoor walk at a local rec center or a mall.   Just a little bit of movement does play a huge role in lifting a rainy day mood! 

Head Outside in Spite of the Rain--and Release the Puddle Jumper!  My middle daughter runs track and my younger daughter returned to the soccer field this season and we have spent the last three weeks hanging out on cold, wet (even snowy) fields and tracks.  I bought some ridiculous rain boots--dotted with brightly colored butterflies and flowers.  In reality--I bought the cheapest boots at a local department store to use for some backyard, pool repair work...but, I am going to wear them today!  I'm wearing these boots to remind me that rainy days were once FUN--and I'm expecting to get some random smiles from strangers wondering what the heck I was thinking when I bought these silly boots!  I am going to put on my Ohio State ball cap, my hoodie and my old waterproof coat and my rain boots--and I am heading to a track meet (if it isn't cancelled)....or to the grocery store, the library and the bank for errands.  I am going to forget about my hair.  I'm going to run through puddles and I am going to smile in spite of the rain!

Skip the Comfort Foods.  When it is rainy and cold--I am the first to "need" a casserole or a heavy, comfort-food dinner.  It is a better idea to energize your body with healthy foods instead!  We are going to need to warm up with soup tonight after the middle one's track meet--so I am going to put together a slow cooker of low-fat, chicken and black bean chili and a salad. I know that I will be more focused tomorrow if I eat right today! 

Light some Candles.  Aromatherapy really does impact your motivational level.  Light some candles that remind you of summer sun or the beach.  When you change your indoor environment--it is so much easier to forget about the dreary world outside!

Re-Prioritize the To-Do List.  Rainy Days may create a good time to catch up on tasks requiring a little less focus or energy!  While I would love to say that a rainy day is just like any other day--it isn't.  To stay productive on a rainy day, you may need to rewrite your task list to include indoor tasks or lower energy items. 

No matter the day, the weather or the temperature--it is important to keep moving, to keep motivated, and to stay positive!  Don't let one day affect your whole week!  ( our case...don't let a few weeks affect the whole season!)

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