The Dream Killers by S.M. Blooding Free or Discounted on Select Days this Week

DreamKillers FREEDAYS  

Looking for something to add to your summer reading list?  On select days, over the next week, readers may pick up two of The Dream Killers episodes for free--and purchase the 3rd episode for only .99!    I have not read any of the book from this series, but I have read S.M. Blooding's Devices of War Trilogy. Learn more about this series and mark your calendar to purchase them this week at their free or discounted pricing--only on Amazon!

I did not receive complimentary books nor compensation for this post.  

Episode 1 Graveyard Dreams FREE June 6-7 My name’s River, and I’m a dream killer. The Sea of Dreams spat me out without any memories of who was or where I came from. I’ve spent years traveling Dreamland in our gypsy caravan, searching for clues. All I’ve discovered is that the all-powerful elders are collecting people like me—Dreamlanders who don’t fit in. Then I met a man who sails the Sea of Dreams, the one place all Dreamlanders fear. One touch of those ocean waves could shred the soul. Yet, he’s like me. He can hear the water’s whispers, touch her waves, and watch her dreams. My answers are out there—on his ship, on that sea. Somewhere out there is the graveyard of dreams.  

Get The Dream Killers - Graveyard of Dreams Free on June 6-7 on Amazon or purchase at regular price after June 7!

Episode 2 Eyes of Stars FREE June 8 - 9 We’re under attack. The elders and their runners are grabbing as many people with unique gifts as they can to determine why Dreamland requires them. Why give birth to a basher with the ability to create? Why allow a cleaner the gift of healing? What is her design? Her intent? They’re not the only ones looking to use these specially gifted individuals. The mechanics and their army of hunters are capturing them as well, but with a different intent. They unleashed a virus, a virus of dreamers. Yes. Dreamers are attacking Dreamlanders. Dreamland has sent a savior, a mechanic capable of healing anything and anyone, one who’s stronger than any master mechanic we’ve ever seen. She didn’t do this to save Dreamlanders or your precious land of dreams. No. She sent us a cure to save me. She needs me. I don’t want to know why.

Get Dream Killers - Eyes of Stars (The Dream Killers Book 2) FREE on June 8 - 9 on Amazon or at regular price after the sale dates!

Episode 3 Captain Tightpants ON SALE $.99 June 10-11 Everything is better than ever. The graveyard is healing. The creatures are propagating and assisting the trapped dreamers. It seems as though my job is done. Seems so. That is until the dreamer trapped in my net shows up with strange stories about unicorns roaming around Denver. Our fold of reality is melting in Earth's. When Cable, the riverboat captain, steals the net, intent on destroying my dreamer to power his boat, Dreamland reveals a new secret. I know who I am, and it's not at all what I thought

Buy The Dream Killers - Captain Tightpants ON SALE $.99 June 10-11 on Amazon or at regular price after the sale dates!


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