Ronald McDonald Adventures Launches New Performances in Central Ohio

Everyday Leader with Ronald McDonald at Columbus Commons
If you live in the Columbus, Ohio, area--you have probably heard of Columbus Commons.  This urban park in downtown Columbus hosts everything from food truck festivals to Columbus Symphony Orchestra performances to a variety of family friendly, community-oriented activities.  Recently, Columbus Commons hosted the debut, Central Ohio, performance of Everyday Leader with Ronald McDonald, from the Ronald McDonald Adventures.  Even if you are not a huge advocate of the McDonald's restaurant franchise--this free, educational, programming series will be popping into schools, libraries and local community hotspots--and we wanted to share it with our readers.

What is the Central Ohio Ronald McDonald Adventures Program? Ronald McDonald® schedules visits to a variety of venues in the Central Ohio area--from libraries and schools to hospitals, street fairs, festivals, and more.  The programs are geared toward pre-school through 5th grade students and their families--and offer fun, educational programs that promote the importance of a balanced, active lifestyle, building friendships, literacy and more. 

There are a few different programs available in Central Ohio:

Everyday Leader with Ronald McDonald®, is the new, 35-minute show for school-age children.  This program will demonstrate how anyone can be a leader if they listen, set a good example, take responsibility for their actions, and do their best.  (The bolded words spell out LEAD) This program teaches children through live magic, music and comedy. 

Photo courtesy fahlgren mortine  2016

Other programs available throughout Central Ohio include: It’s Book Time with Ronald McDonald®, A Friendship Adventure with Ronald McDonald®, Go Active® with Ronald McDonald®, and The Big Red Shoe® Review.
Ronald McDonald shows are always free, and available for all schools, afterschool programs, libraries and more.

What do we like about the Ronald McDonald Adventures Program? Personally, my family rarely eats at McDonalds--however, we do visit on occasion.  BUT--the girls certainly know who Ronald McDonald is--and have always had a lot of fun interacting with him during a variety of local, community visits.  Always.  Like it or not, Ronald McDonald is a celebrity--and a kid-friendly one.  What I like (a lot) about these Ronald McDonald Adventures programs is that they aren't geared toward nutrition--but, toward other aspects of a growing child--such as leadership development, active living, making friends, etc.  Do these programs promote the McDonalds brand?  Sure.  But, I think these programs offer families a lot of opportunities to discuss some real elementary/tween aged issues and make some real-world decisions--while "learning" in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere.  

...and these programs are free.  I know that many public school districts in the Columbus area struggle to find an affordable "mix" of educational and entertaining programing for special school events.  To book Ronald McDonald for your organization, visit  My younger daughters' elementary schools hosted Ronald McDonald a few times in recent years for special activities--and his programs were always well received by the hard-working children and families in attendance. 
Did you miss the last performance at Columbus Commons?  Ronald McDonald returns on August 26, 2016,--and you can check the Commons for Kids page for upcoming activities throughout the year.
To learn more about the Ronald McDonald Adventures program visit their Website.

We were not compensated for this post.  We wanted to simply offer the news as a resource for our local readers!

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