Wordless Wednesday Link-Up: Larry the Fox

It has been a long time since we hosted a Wordless Wednesday link up!  It's actually been a long time since we have even managed to share a Wordless Wednesday post!  I miss making my Wednesday rounds to so many of our blog friends!  It's time to get back into the Wordless Wednesday habit!  This week, I thought I would share some pictures from late spring/early summer when we had a red fox move into the neighborhood for a few weeks.  Enjoy meeting "Larry"--as the girls named him (or her)--and don't forget to link up your own Wordless Wednesday posts at the end!

Larry (or Laura) the Fox 

We tried not to get too close to him (or her)--but, he visited every morning for several weeks--and I could not resist trying to get a picture to two!

Fluffy D'Tail was Not Impressed with Larry the Fox

Fluff was standing between Larry the Fox and a family of ducks that had also moved into the neighborhood during those last weeks of spring.  The fox seemed much more intimidated by the cat than the cat was by the fox!  (And--this is why the great Fluffsy became more of a housecat than he preferred for a few weeks!)  Larry cleaned up the street of the groundhogs and the gang of skunks--and moved on.  The ducks moved on.  Fluffy D'Tail regained access to the great outdoors.  But, we all miss seeing "Larry" just a little. 

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  1. Cute story, darling cat!!!
    Would love to have you share your story on #OMHGWW this week!
    Have a great week!

  2. LOL I agree cute post I liked the photos I hope the ducks ain't driving you quackers :-)

    Have a quacktastic week and welcome back to WW! :-)

  3. Always fun to have strangers in the neighborhood... ; ) Great captures! Thanks for hosting!!

  4. I love that the cat came to check him out. Foxes are so majestic don't you think?

  5. Welcome back to Wordless Wednesday! Larry is a funny name for a fox. ^.^

  6. Sounds like you had a real zoo forming for a while. It must have been great to see the interaction between the animals.

  7. Wow, that's cool! We had a fox in our neighborhood once, but he didn't stick around long. I can't believe how close your cat got to it! lol Glad Fluffsy is ruling the neighborhood again.

  8. I can see why you miss Larry (Or Laura) cuz he looks so cute!

  9. We have a lot of foxes round here. They are fairly brave and bold


  10. Wonderful story. An intelligent cat.

    By the way, we have two cats in our home.



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