Making A Halloween Bouquet Of Candy

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The fall season brings Halloween, a fun holiday with pumpkins, ghosts and more that make children and adults smile. A candy bouquet with a Halloween theme can be given as a gift to a child's teacher or used as a fun way to offer candy to children who are trick-or-treating. You can also use the bouquet as a fun centerpiece on a kitchen table or a table in the living room.

First, you need to find the proper basket or container for the bouquet. A basket that is wrapped with ribbon that features Halloween decorations is an idea, or you can use a glass vase so that you can easily position the craft sticks that are attached to the pieces of candy that are used.

After you find the container that you want to use, begin to decorate the outside of the container with stickers, small pumpkins and other items that you associate with the holiday. It's easier to decorate the outside of the container before you add the candy so that the candy doesn't fall out.

The fun part begins once the container is completed. Add a block of Styrofoam to the bottom of the container. You can wrap the foam in orange of black paper. Gather all of the candy that you want to use in the bouquet. It could be small candy bars, lollipops or pieces of candy that look like characters associated with Halloween, such as pumpkins or witches. These are often small pieces that come in a large bag.

Using a small amount of hot glue, attach a craft stick to the back of each piece of candy. You can use orange and black sticks if they are available, or you can paint the sticks to give more of a Halloween look to the basket. Once all of the sticks are in place, position the candy so that it looks like a bouquet of flowers. Add a few decorations, such as ghosts and witches, before placing the smaller pieces of candy around the bottom of the sticks to cover the foam block. If you are giving the bouquet as a gift, attach a card or a ribbon to the container.

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