Monday Motivation: Don't Wait

Probably nearly a decade ago, my eldest daughter played soccer on a U10/U12 club team. The girls all had decent ball handling skills, speed, and scoring ability--but, they were so hesitant.

As parents and coaches pondered the issue--it became apparent that the girls were suffering from more than a lack of aggression on the field. They lacked confidence. They were not risk takers. They were all inclined to doubt their own abilities and wait too long to make a move on the ball.

They would wait. And wait. And wait.

.....and...Wait...Until someone from the other team took charge, made a move on the soccer ball and actually did something with it. Usually for a score. Usually...for a score..multiple times per game.  Every game..every season..all year.

As a parent, I found myself constantly shouting, "Don't Wait!" from the sidelines. Every girl on that team could "do it".  Each could dribble, pass, shoot, steal the ball, and score quite successfully.  Unfortunately, each girl was afraid to make a mistake under pressure.  Each girl was afraid of disappointing teammates and parents and coaches.  So, each girl waited until someone else took that risk.  Every game. Every week. For a full year of Spring and Fall soccer seasons.

Oddly enough, those same girls never hesitated in practice. They were all talented in different areas--and, they were all able to play the game very well. They never waited for someone else to make things happen in practice. Based on abilities and talent; they should have won every game.  Both seasons.  All year. Yet, during games, that fear of making a mistake or missing a shot--in front of everyone--made them a team of "waiters".

They didn't win a game all year--although, as I said, most of the girls were really talented players.

They waited for "perfect" moments. "Perfect" shots. "Perfect" passes. They waited for open opportunities with zero risk.  Moments with zero opposition.

Those "zero-risk" moments rarely happen in soccer games.  Nor in life.

They waited for something to happen. Every Saturday.  They waited for someone else to make something happen.  Every Saturday.  They waited for someone else to take a chance.  Take a risk.  They waited for someone else to fail--or to succeed.

Since the teammates were never willing to risk failure....they never saw success.

As this week's Monday Motivation--I want to remind you that if you are waiting and waiting (and waiting) for the proverbial stars to align and the world to be perfect for your moment--you may never accomplish your goal or goals. 

Really--I am screaming, "Don't Wait!" from your life's sidelines this morning...and I'm screaming those words from my life's sidelines as well most days (still--even if my younger two have moved away from the soccer fields!)  In reality, it is not easy to take risks! It doesn't matter if you are 10 years old or 40 years old! (I will admit...I am guilty of waiting...for the perfect, risk-free moments...too often..and this happens on the field of life...not on a middle school soccer field.)

Just like my daughter's club soccer team--you (and I!) may wake up tomorrow and find that the "season" is over and we missed all of those shots that we didn't take! (Wayne Gretzky said something to that effect once...or so..)

 What are you waiting for?

Take a chance.  Risk it.  Got for it. 

Don't Wait!

It's Monday.  It's a new start to a new week.  Take a chance...on something!

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  1. Great post! I needed to read this because things are looking pretty tough for me and my family right now. I think I need to take a risk and hope for the best. Have a great week!



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