Family Restaurant Review: Fiesta Veracruz in Wilmington, Ohio

A recent Saturday found our family venturing out to dinner, as part of a party of 11, to a fairly recently opened, Mexican restaurant in Wilmington, Ohio.  Fiesta Veracruz opened in early August of this year in the historical Buckeye Livery building on Locust Street.  What was our review of Fiesta Veracruz in Wilmington, Ohio?

What did we think of the location of Fiesta Veracruz?  As I said, the restaurant moved into the historical Buckeye Livery building--which was most recently home to the Buckeye Livery Cafe.  The downtown, Wilmington area isn't really all that busy or active--so it was easy for our entire party to park on the street near the restaurant.

I love historic buildings--and I love to see pieces of the past left in place when new owners move in.  Fiesta Veracruz brought their own style--but, much of the building's wood floors and exterior structure remains.

Is Fiesta Veracruz family friendly?  The restaurant was definitely family friendly--and easily accommodated our large group. There was a children's menu available--and some separation between dining areasWe were told that there would be a mariachi band and entertainment scheduled at times.  The atmosphere and layout seemed to lend itself nicely to that.

How was the Food at Fiesta Veracruz?

The Chips and Salsa
I always joke that my first impression of a Mexican restaurant comes from the chips and salsa.  I didn't take pictures of the salsa and chips.  My camera was a little moody on this trip.  The chips were fine--but, we all had to spice the salsa up a bit with available hot sauces.  I did really like that the server brought each of us individual bowls for our salsa.   As the mom of a messy, sometimes-double-dipping child--I appreciated this gesture a lot!

The Taco Salad

There was taco meat under that lettuce--and; while it doesn't look very big in the picture, our daughter was not quite able to finish it all.  

Fajita Texanas

This dish was a mixture of steak, chicken, & shrimp cooked with onions, tomatoes and bell peppers--and served with a second serving plate loaded with rice, beans, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream.  It was large enough for my husband to share some with our youngest, shrimp loving daughter.

Burritos Deluxe

My usual standby order:  the old standard Beef and Chicken Burritos topped with sour cream, tomatoes, and lettuceThere was plenty of food and I certainly didn't need to order a side dish.

Pollo Con Mole Poblano

This dish consisted of two boneless, chicken breasts covered with mole sauce and served with rice, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.  It looked good--and was a fairly large portion.

Overall, I think everyone in our party was satisfied with the flavor and quantity of food served.  There were many empty plates! The servers were quick and attentive to our entire party--especially to the kids.  The staff were all really energetic and enthusiastic about the restaurant's opening--and meeting local diners (which some of our party were).  

When we visited, the restaurant had not yet received it's liquor permit for sales--so, we didn't have the opportunity to sample a margarita or such.  I think this was the first time I've ever gone to a Mexican restaurant and didn't order a Margarita!  I was glad to see that they do have their liquor license now.

Would I recommend Fiesta Veracruz in Wilmington, Ohio?  The restaurant list in that area is fairly short--with more fast food and chain places that local finds.  It was nice to find a family friendly, sit-down restaurant offering something besides pizza or steak!  The staff was very friendly--and excited to serve diners.  I haven't experienced the restaurant; however, on a Saturday night with the liquor license in place and a live band--so, that may change my perception of family friendly.  It was pretty calm and quiet during our visit.  Overall, it was a nice experience and I would recommend Fiesta Veracruz to both locals and visitors to the area.

For More Information on Fiesta Veracruz
Disclosure:  We were not compensated for this post.  We simply wanted to share a recent restaurant find with our readers.  We are often available for media reviews and sampling events throughout the Midwestern United States.  Email us to discus availability or to schedule a media visit.

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