Family Travel Fun: Visiting Macy's Santaland at the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, Minnesota

We travel a lot as a family--and, we love the many experiences we have had along the way over the years!   Whenever we visit a new city--we really try to seek out special events and activities that the locals love when we are there--especially seasonal happenings--but, sometimes, we also just get lucky and stumble upon fun, family friendly finds!  Last year, we were in downtown, Minneapolis, Minnesota, over the long Thanksgiving weekend.  Our hotel was a few blocks from the popular Nicollet Mall shopping district--and we wandered our way into Macy's department store for some holiday shopping--and discovered a wonderful, Minneapolis family tradition in the store's annual Santaland display!  What should you know about visiting Santaland at Macy's in downtown Minneapolis?

Just follow the line of people to the escalators.  I was doing some Christmas shopping. Oblivious to anything else around me.  My husband noticed a couple of signs directing guests toward the escalators to Santaland.  He also noticed a lot of people making their way toward those escalators.  I was in a holiday/Black Friday weekend sale/shopping zone--he and the kids were off to get in line to ascend to Santaland.  The Santaland display is housed on the building's 8th floor--and there was certainly a line--steadily moving to the top!  We had to go see what the interest was up those escalators!

Take your time--and enjoy the details of Macy's Santaland scenes.   This display has been a local tradition for over 50 years.  They have details galore throughout the display.  Visitors meander through scenes depicting the daily life of Santa and his elves--and some of the scenes are absolutely adorable.   Some locals complain that the scenes do not change much from year to year--but, for first time guests (or even 10th time guests)--I think parent and child alike will find something new to bring back that awe and wonder of Christmas.

Take pictures--a lot of them--and let the kids have time to "dawdle" and enjoy the magic.  The areas will be crowded--especially during high traffic hours--but, there is still time to let the  little ones stare in amazement and for Mom & Dad to snap a few extra photos. Once you are off the escalator, and the line spreads out a bit after the first few scenes,  you have a little more freedom to move at your own pace and reflect on holidays past and memories!  

Would we recommend Macy's Santaland in Minneapolis, Minnesota?  Even if your kids are a little older--there is just something about the magic of Santa and the North Pole that sparks a twinkle in the eye and an extra smile!  The artistry and the carpentry of this display are wonderful--and the animation brings life and magic to the scenes.  If you are in the downtown Minneapolis area between Thanksgiving and Christmas--I would certainly recommend visiting the Macy's Santaland display!  It's a great time to slow down--and relive some childhood memories--as a family!

If You Go: Macy's Santaland 8th Floor Santaland display is open daily during Macy's store hours from mid-November through mid-December.

There are special event times for photos with Santa--but, you should be prepared for a line.

The escalators  to Santaland are accessible directly from the store's shopping areas--but, you cannot carry merchandise through the displays--so plan to complete your purchases before heading up or leave your planned purchases with the attendants at the Santaland entrance at the top.

Getting There: Macy’s 8th Floor Santaland is located in the downtown Minneapolis store at 7th Street and Nicollet Mall.

To Learn More about Macy's Santaland on the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, Minnesota
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