5 Tips for Choosing a Gift for a New Baby

Welcoming a new baby into the world is such an exciting experience for not only the new parents--but, for family and friends as well!  Everyone wants to share in the wonderful event.  Giving gifts to the new parents is a wonderful way to share your excitement for the new baby.  Not sure what to buy the new parents or the new baby?  Here are 5 tips for choosing a gift for a new baby.

Consider the family size.  If the gift is for a first baby; the new parents may need a lot of practical gifts like diaper bags, onesies and extra receiving blankets.  If the gift is for a second, third or even fourth child--the family may have all of the basics and a ton of extras already!  However, if the new baby is a girl--being welcomed into a family of brothers--(or vice-versa) that family may still need some new (and different) basics!

Skip the newborn-sized gifts.   Remember that newborn babies do not stay newborn-sized very long!  Some newborns are even born at the high end of newborn sizes!  New parents really want to use your gifts--but, often receive an abundance of clothing and toys for that 0-3 month age range.  Plan to buy something a little larger--but, plan it seasonally so that the child will be able to wear the clothing style later in the year.

Customize a gift basket.  I loved receiving baby baskets as gifts for my daughters. Gift givers may include a little bit of everything for Mom, Dad, and Baby in the gift baskets--with a set budget similar to the price of one large gift.  It's a great way to personalize and customize a gift for the new family.

Skip the traditional baby gifts.   New parents will be sleep deprived and overworked for months after the birth of the new baby.  Skip the stuffed bunnies and cute booties--and give the parents some gift cards for local restaurants (that offer carryout or delivery service) or maybe the nearby coffee shop.  Those gifts give the parents a valuable break!

Give a piece of yourself in the gift.  My favorite new baby gifts were special gift baskets or creative, personal gifts.  If you love you cook; prepare a week of freezer dinners for the new parents.  If you woodwork; make the new baby a special toy box or shelf or the nursery.  These gifts are just as valuable as those clothes and toys!

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