Encouraging Women to Support Each Other with Faith
Womens empowerment groups are an outstanding way for women to connect with others with similar lives and a need for comfort and suggestions as to how to overcome their problems. The groups are a wonderful way to share the goodness of God, who is available for us in good times and hard times and is also always there to hold our hands and comfort us in times of need.

Spreading God's Message of Understanding and Love.  Your church can be shown how to connect with God and women who are anxious to find support, love and friendship. Those women will be happy to come to a welcoming environment where they can let down their barriers, open up about the many struggles they face, and listen to how those problems can be handled in a peaceful way.

Tea Parties.  A tea party held at a local women's group meeting or in a shelter gives members a chance to sip tea and feel comfortable opening up to others. Conversations can be started that touch on the problems that women often face in their lives, discussions can be extremely helpful and enlightening, and answers can hopefully be found for those with overwhelming problems.

Speaking Engagements. If you are located in Seattle, Washington, or the surrounding area, Courageous Women Ministries is the place to go for a variety of reasons including the encouragement of women to love and support one another and, at the same time, develop a strong relationship with God in their daily lives. It is headed by Vickie Hoefer, an inspiring female Christian speaker who gives talks at women’s organizations throughout the area.

Vickie's speaking engagements are geared towards married couples, single people, and families who have children with special needs. She emphasizes the importance of never giving up and allowing God to take over to guide through any suffering and lead to a place of contentment, understanding, and happiness. Vickie also hosts a support group for women who have chronic illnesses as well as The Rain Foundation that connects disabled children with horses.

Join in with other women to make life better for everyone.

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