Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

It may only be December; but, I am already making my to-do lists for Spring!  My little corner of the world stays pretty busy between January and March--so, early spring will be here before I blink!  I wanted to share my spring home maintenance "starter" checklist as I am adding some of the basic items to my calendar today!  What are some items on my spring home maintenance checklist?

Schedule an A/C checkup.  You probably had your heating system inspected in the fall--but, your Air Conditioning unit may not have been included in that checkup.  Schedule an inspection in the early spring so that you can be sure that your A/C system will be up and running when you need it.

Inspect the Gutters and Downspouts.  While April showers bring May flowers--all of that water needs a place to flow off your home's roof.  Check for clogged gutters from those late fall leaves or for any winter damage from ice or fallen tree limbs.

Clean up the landscaping.  Many trees and bushes that lose their leaves in fall can be cut back in late winter or very early spring.  Early spring is also the time to clean up any leftover leaves and debris from the fall.  Once the ground thaws; it's time to get a head start on the garden bed preparation too.

Get ready for pool season.  If you are a pool owner, you know that spring is the busy season!  Schedule pool inspections and take stock of pool supplies and chemicals so that you have the pool up and running by Memorial Day weekend!

Check out the roof.  Before those spring winds and rains head in; it's a good idea to check the roof for any damage from winter or just age.  You may be able to make some minor repairs on your own--or schedule a contractor--before something minor leads to a major roof leak.

Get the windows and doors ready for spring.  Inspect window and door screens for damage--and replace or repair them as necessary.

Make a walk through inspection on your own.  When the trees and shrubs are bare; you will be able to really see your home better--and look for signs of damage or repair needs.  Walk around your home--look for sidewalk and driveway cracks, animal nests or burrows, signs of termites, broken fence boards, damaged trees or landscaping, create a list of your findings--and put the repairs onto your calendar or to-do list.   If you aren't comfortable inspecting on your own--call local contractors to walk through with you and create a plan for repairs and such together.

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