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Everything happens for a reason.  God has His own Plan.  While we hear these phrases so often when facing difficult times or personal struggles; they do not always bring a lot of comfort as we face our emotions and push through difficult times.  I think, as a parent, it is even more trying when we must watch our children face adversity.  Mother and author, Abby Banks, shares her family's story of finding hope as they move through life after their son was diagnosed with a life-changing illness.  Today, I am honored to share my review of  Love Him Anyway by Abby Banks.

I received a complimentary e-copy of this book from the publisher for use in my  review.  All opinions are my own.

Quick Summary of Love Him Anyway by Abby Banks. Abby Banks put her healthy, happy infant son to sleep, but when she awoke the next morning, she felt as though she was living a nightmare. Her son, Wyatt, was paralyzed. There was no fall, no accident, no warning. A rare autoimmune disease attacked his spinal cord, and there was no cure.The book recounts a young family's struggle to come to grips with Wyatt’s devastating diagnosis and difficult rehabilitation. Abby found true hope in making a simple choice, a choice to love anyway—to love her son, the life she didn’t plan, and the God of hope, who is faithful even when the healing doesn’t come. In Love Him Anyway, Abby shares her family’s journey from heartbreak to triumph and reminds us that hope and joy can be found in life’s hardest places.

The Author Shares Her Family's Entire Journey with Readers.  Sometimes things just do not go as planned.  The author does an amazing job to share her son's story--and the impact of his medical diagnosis--on her young family.  Readers will find a lot of honesty--filled with a lot of hope and faith as the author takes them through her family's journey.  It isn't easy when our family faces obstacles and, especially, health issues that serve to change our life's course as dramatically as the Banks' family was affected.  It is even more difficult to put that multitude of emotions, trials, and triumphs into words.  Not only does Abby Banks manage to tell her family's story--but, she does it so honestly and openly that readers are sure to be inspired.  So often, we read books such as this one when the author speaks only of their strength and faith and hope and beliefs.   Abby presents her story realistically and very openly. 

Would I recommend Love Him Anyway by Abby Banks?  I think any reader faced with life's challenges will gain something from reading Love Him Anyway.  Sometimes, when we face what seems like an insurmountable obstacle; we simply need to stop, regroup, refocus our energies toward the positive and adapt to our life's altered course.  The author presents a wonderful life--and love--story as she and her family come to terms with her son's illness and move forward.  She weaves her life's events--and her family's ups and downs--with inspirational words from the Bible and her family's faith in God's Plan.  It's an inspirational read for Christians facing adversity or sudden obstacles on the path!  Banks may be on life path that she originally planned--but, she has written a wonderful book to encourage and help others along the way.

Meet the Author:

Abby Banks is a mom turned author and special needs advocate. A speech and communications summa cum laude graduate from Clemson University, Abby has a passion for finding God in the hard places. She and her husband, Jason, reside in Greenwood, SC, with their three children, who inspire her daily: Jay, Austin, and Wyatt.

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