Three Amazing and Surprising Ways to Commemorate Your Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a thrilling and occasionally terrifying experience, which you will never forget. Though it only lasts nine months, you will probably want to commemorate this amazing experience. Not only will you want to revisit this time of your life, your baby will someday be a child who will want to know all about the time before he or she was born. Fortunately, it's easier than ever to come up with a unique and beautiful way to mark the experience of being pregnant will your little one. Here are a few unusual ideas to help you get started.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. For years, women have been proudly showing off their ultrasound pictures. Generally, it's the first glimpse that expectant parents have of their future offspring, and most parents keep these pictures forever. Now, however, expectant parents have an even better way to photograph their future child, thanks to 3-dimentional photography. Simply look for a local provider who has the technology available to you, as most doctors' offices do not have these machines. For example, for 3d ultrasound Adelaide, look for an established and well-regarded company like Before You Were Born. You'll cherish these pictures forever, and your future child will love to see themselves.

Record Your Body's Changes. Many women don't want to be photographed when they're pregnant, which is unfortunate. Instead of focusing on your beauty, however, you may want to focus on the myriad of ways in which your body is changing. One fun and unexpected way to do that is to take a series of photographs, all from the same angle in the same clothing. You can record your body growing as the bump gets larger and larger. Then, after your baby is born, you can put all of the pictures together and make a sort of stop-motion animation of your progress. There are apps and online services that make this especially easy, even if you're not a whiz at technology. This will create a unique visual record of your amazing experience.

Keep an Online Journal or Video Diary. While many people try to write in a daily journal, it can be difficult to keep up with this task while pregnant. An easier way to keep up with a diary is to create an online blog. For many people, it's easier to type than to write by hand. Plus, you can share your blog with your friends and family. If writing a blog is too tasking, consider making a video diary. You can upload your videos to social media if you'd like, or just keep them private. This option is great because you can do it from anywhere, thanks to the convenience of smartphones with cameras. Talk to your future child and record all of the challenges and thrills of being pregnant and experiencing the miracle of childbirth. If you're at a loss for things to talk about, look online for prompts that will encourage you to keep talking.

Your pregnancy is worth remembering, even if it's a difficult experience. Technology makes it easier than ever before to record the wonderful, surprising, and exhausting experience. Take advantage of these new technologies and make a unique record of your physical, mental, and emotional changes. 

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