6 Steps To Making Your Home Kid-Safe

If you have children, making your home as safe as possible for them should be your number one priority. You don’t want your children to become injured because of a preventable accident at home, so you need to be vigilant in ensuring that it is as safe as possible. Here are 6 steps you can start with to make your home kid-safe:

Keep Your Windows Locked.  Keeping your windows locked is so important. Kids can get curious sometimes, and this can lead them to opening windows and leaning out of them. Many accidents have happened this way, and they can be fatal. You should also watch your window treatments. Having blinds with hanging cords can be potentially fatal if your children can reach them.  

Change The Locks.  If you’ve recently moved in, then make sure you call a locksmith to come and change the locks. You don’t know who else may have a spare key to your home, so it’s always better to start off with a clean slate. You could also completely replace the doors and windows if you wanted to, as this will make them sturdier and more durable - making them more difficult for people to break into.

Cover Up Sharp Corners.  Covering up sharp corners can stop your children from getting a nasty scar. It’s all too easy for them to trip, fall, and end up with a sharp corner gash on their face, or worse, in their eye. Make sure you cover up every sharp corner you can see. 


Invest In Stair Gates.  Stair gates are great for stopping children who like to explore making their way up and down the stairs whenever they want. Of course you should monitor your children closely, as it could be easy for them to figure out how to open them. However, they can make the difference between a nasty fall and catching them at just the right time.

Keep Medicine And Cleaning Products Locked Away.  Keeping your medicines, cleaning products, and other toxic substances locked away is crucial. It’s best to have them under lock and key, as once kids learn how to climb, it won’t matter how high up in your cabinets you place them. Kids can easily mistake colorful bottles for drinks, and accidents like this can be fatal.

Install Every Alarm You Can Think Of.  Make sure you take the time installing every alarm you can think of. Have fire alarms, gas alarms, and burglar alarms. Many people say you should have a fire alarm in each room in your home, not just one for the whole house. Getting a smart alarm may be a good idea, as they can look a little more aesthetic and stop you from needing tens of different alarms to keep your family safe. Make sure you check that they are working regularly.

If you’re wondering what else you can do, consider getting down to the level of your children and looking at what they can see! Be smart and take your time. Your kids are worth it! 

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