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My husband's eyesight isn't horrible--yet, he still needs his glasses for most activities.  His eyes are also fairly light sensitive and he is much more comfortable in sunglasses--even on a cloudy day.  Since he is required to wear his eyeglasses for driving; prescription sunglasses are really a must have.  When he accidentally broke his prescription sunglasses while doing some yard work, it was tough!  His eyeglass prescription hadn't changed since his last exam and it was too soon for our insurance to pay toward new sunglasses.  Then, we had the opportunity for him to try a pair of prescription sunglasses from  What did he think of the sunglasses from

We received a complimentary pair of prescription sunglasses for use in this review.  All opinions and experiences are my own.

Ordering Prescription Sunglasses at is pretty easy and straightforward.  My husband looked through the prescription sunglasses available and chose the eyeglass frames he wanted fairly quickly.  (He isn't a fan of great change--and he found frames that were virtually identical to his broken sunglasses from his optometrist's office!)

Once you have glasses frames selected, you simply provide your current eyeglass prescription and the pupillary distance measurement--which is easy to measure yourself. The site provides instructions for accurately taking the measurement.

Since we were offered a complimentary pair for review--we did not have the opportunity to choose protective coatings or our desired lens tint color--but, the site offers the same range of add-on options as your eye doctor when creating your sunglass frame and lens order.

How was the finished product?

The sunglasses arrived in a hard, plastic case with a cleaning cloth.  My husband liked the fit and the style of the frames--and felt the the prescription was applied perfectly.   He has used the sunglasses fairly frequently for the past few weeks with no visual issues.  I do think that he would have chosen a different tint color had he been given the option.  The purple tint (which you can probably see in the photo above) was a little distracting for him for a while until he grew accustomed to the color.  

Would we recommend prescription sunglasses from

These sunglasses are a great value for the quality.  It's hard to rationalize spending $150 to $300 for new prescription sunglasses--especially if you have been known to lose or break your sunglasses before optical insurance will cover a new pair!   These sunglasses literally look and perform no differently than my husband's original sunglasses that had cost 6 times more!  After a few weeks of wear with no signs of quality issues, the glasses seem to be a great, affordable option for those seeking lower cost eye wear.

Would you Like to Give a try? 

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