7 Fashion Trends You Should Make Your Husband Aware Of

Does your husband always struggle to dress well? Are they constantly embarrassing you by wearing out of fashion clothes? If so, this article is for you.

We've taken a look at some of the biggest fashion trends for men and listed them all below. Give them a read, and you can start making your husband aware of them!

Lightweight Parkas Are Popular

No doubt your husband owns a parka and wears it everywhere. Traditional parkas are a very ‘dad’ type of coat. They’re big, heavy, and just look a little bit ungainly. But, I’m sure they’ll be pleased to know that some type of parka is popular nowadays! Lightweight parkas are in, and they’re pretty much the same as normal ones but a lot lighter and less ungainly. They suit more styles and can be worn in more conditions without sticking out. This is certainly a fashion trend they’ll enjoy, as they get the practical benefits of a parka while also looking nice and stylish. 

Hats Are Making A Comeback
Back in the day, guys used to wear hats all the time until they went out of fashion. There was a period where hats were seen as goofy or just not very good looking. Now, they’re making a comeback and hats are popular again. We’re talking about all kinds of hats, not just those baseball caps young kids wear. This is great news for any of you that have husbands with hair loss problems. We know they can feel a bit sheepish about their bald spots, and choose to wear a hat as a cover. Well, now they can wear a flat cap that’s fashionable too!

Male Jewelry Is In

A lot of men think jewelry is for women only, but this simply isn’t the case. Truth be told, men don’t wear much jewelry because there isn’t a lot of good stuff out there. At least, that used to be the case. Nowadays, male jewelry is a very big trend, and there are plenty of mens diamond rings, necklaces, and even earrings on the shelves. I still think jewelry suits women better, but it does depend on the products your husband buys. You don’t want them to go overboard and start piercing their ears! But, a simple ring or necklace looks really nice. Especially when they combine jewelry with a nice suit!


Loose Fitted Suits Are Popular Now 
For many years, there’s been a very constant trend in male fashion regarding suits. It seemed as though fitted and slim suits were always in. Well, to everyone’s surprise, loosely fitted suits are popular now. That’s right, it’s become fashionable to wear trousers and shirts and jackets that are a bit looser than usual. It’s well worth telling your husband of this so they can get their work suits re-fitted and sorted out. I’m sure they’ll probably be very happy about this news too. A lot of men tend to let themselves go a bit when they become dads thanks to how busy they are. So, they end up feeling a bit self-conscious trying to squeeze into fitted suits, or feeling self-conscious bucking the trend and wearing loose ones! Well, now they don’t have to worry about either as loosely fitted suits are in.

Sweatpants Are In

Yep, you read that right, sweatpants are in fashion. That is a sentence I’m sure will see many husbands jumping up and down with joy all over the country. Men love sweatpants, and now they’ve started becoming fashionable. It’s all down to this new athleisure trend that makes it popular to dress in clothes that are nice and relaxed. Of course, there are a few things that make a pair of sweatpants fashionable. They can’t just pull on some baggy joggers from five years ago and claim to be fashionable now. No, fashionable sweatpants are usually well-fitted and not too baggy.

Loafers Are The Footwear Of Choice

There are many male fashion trends revolving around footwear. These days, loafers tend to be the footwear of choice. They’ve gained popularity over the last few years, and are now very much in style. I’m sure your husband probably owned a pair of loafers back in the day and will be over the moon to learn they’re fashionable once more. They’re a really versatile shoe-type as they combine comfort with class. Get your husband to wear loafers whenever you’re going out together as it helps keep them nice and neat!

Satchels Are Stylish

Much like jewelry, many guys think bags are strictly for women. Once again, they’re wrong! In fact, there are loads of different bags that are considered stylish for men these days. One of the top fashion trends are satchels. People used to laugh at satchels, but now they’ve been given a facelift and are considered highly stylish. I’m sure your husband will enjoy this as it gives them an excuse to carry a bag around which we all know they secretly want to do. Guys want to carry bags to keep all their stuff in, they’re just too proud to use them! But, now they’re fashionable, they can carry them with no worries. 

If your husband tries to tell you he doesn’t care about fashion, he’s probably lying to himself as well as you! The fact is, we all want to dress well and look good. When we know we’re dressing in fashionable clothes, it makes us feel more confident. You can help your husband feel better about themselves with these fashion tips.

As well as that, it also helps them dress well, so you look better as a couple! Your husband probably hasn’t dressed up well since your wedding day. With this new knowledge, when you go out for a date, you’ll both be well-dressed, and it won’t be a case of Lady and The Tramp anymore.
Also, I think it helps when you stay up to date with male fashion trends yourself. It helps you get ideas on what you can buy your husband or other male family members/friends for their birthdays/Christmas! They’ll be amazed that you know all the styles, it wins you extra brownie points. 

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