Buying Cool Presents for your Tween


Relationships can be tough between a mom and her child when they reach the tween stage of their life. After all, they feel like they are already grown up. Therefore, if you try and tell them what to do, you can often get attitude as a response. And it can be hard to keep up with what they like nowadays. After all, they seem to be growing up quicker than ever. So toys they loved yesterday might be a thing of the past tomorrow. Therefore, it can make present buying a challenge for your tween. After all, you don’t want to get a gift which they turn their nose at. You want something they will be raving about to their friends for months to come. But at the same time, you want a gift which won’t cost the earth too. Therefore, here is some help for moms on buying ‘cool’ presents for their tween. 

Do go for a clothes voucher or gift card.  It’s hard to buy your little one clothes when they do enter the tween stage of their life. After all, something you might think will be great for your kid might not be on their radar. So you could potentially end up taking it back as it’s not to their taste. Of course, if you have seen them look at the outfit, it would be fine to buy it for them. After all, you know it will be met with a seal of approval. But if not, it would be wise to just get them a voucher or gift card instead. That way, they can go to the shop to find something they will love to wear. And if you do opt for a voucher for their favorite store, it’s going to be met with approval. After all, you could take your kid and their friend up to the local center to go shopping in the store. And your tween is bound to find something which they will love to wear. If your kid loves shopping online, you can also get vouchers or gift cards for sites which you can give them on the day. That way, they can shop at their favorite online stores to find something they will love to wear! 

Opt for a cute new handbag.  A lot of tweens love to carry around a handbag with them when they are out with their friends. After all, it’s perfect for them to carry around their necessary items. And they feel grown up with their own handbag. Therefore, if you want to opt for a cool present for your tween, you should get them a cute bag. Get one from their favorite store to ensure it will get the mark of approval. After all, it can be hard to go wrong if you pick something from a store they would usually shop in. You might even want to go for a bag which enables your kid to add stickers and badges. These are very popular with tweens as they can make them unique and personal to them. And it gives them a chance to show off their loyalty to their favorite band and singers! You can find these for a reasonable price online. And you might even want to go for a new school bag for them. After all, they might be ready for a new one at the end of the school year. And then you know that the gift is practical as well as fun for your child!

Get them a new piece of tech.  It’s likely your tween will ask you for a piece of tech when it comes to their gift. After all, kids seem to want to spend all their time on devices in the 21st century. And while we can avoid it for so long, eventually you might want to consider getting your tween a tablet and a cell phone. After all, they can then keep in touch with their mates. And they can use it to play games and surf the net too. Of course, buying tech for your little one can often break the bank. After all, they can often cost a good few hundred. For one thing, look at the different brands as the lesser known ones might have good devices at a much cheaper rate. You can also look online for vouchers. For example, you can get Best Buy coupons which will save you a ton of money on those electric items. And remember to make sure you get a cover for the item. After all, the last thing you want after spending hundreds of dollars is for your clumsy tween to drop the item and break it straight away! 

Also, look at putting some kid safety on the device. For example, blocking them from going on explicit sites and using certain apps can ensure they don’t get into trouble while using the device!

Get them concert tickets.  For tweens, bands and singers can mean everything to them. After all, they love to listen to their music and now they follow them on social media too. And it’s often all they talk about when they are at school. Therefore, if you want to be one cool momma, you should opt to get them concert tickets to see their favorite artist. After all, they will be super excited to go see their favorite on stage. And it will be something they will remember for the rest of their life. Therefore, check out the closest destination where they are performing. And then you can get some tickets for you and your little one to go and see them. If you go just the two of you, it can be a great chance for you both to connect. And it will show her that you are taking an interest in who she loves. Remember to look on cheaper selling sites like StubHub. After all, you might get a bargain on tickets someone can’t use! Just make sure it’s legitimate before sending over the money.

And beauty products like nail polish will always go down a treat with your tween. After all, they can use them when they have their friends over for a sleepover!

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