DIY Tips Before Building The Deck

A new deck built onto the home can add value as well as beauty. There are several designs to choose from when you begin the process of selecting how you want the deck to look and the size that you want. You need to think about the size of the home so that the deck fits well with the exterior as you don't want a deck that will overtake the space. Look at the accessories that you can add to the deck, such as a roof or steps that lead to another area of the yard. A new deck Bowie MD company can give you ideas about how to design steps and walkways around the deck.

Get materials that are of a high quality.
The deck will likely be at the home as long as you are there and after if it's cared for properly. Instead of using ordinary screws, consider fasteners as they will secure boards together a bit better. Stainless steel is often best as it won't rust as fast and has more of a modern look. Hide the fasteners as best you can so that they aren't seen when people are on the deck. You could also hide the supports of the deck by building a fence around the base. This will also prevent some critters from getting under the deck, such as raccoons.

Before you get the wood for the deck, think about the types that you can get. Cedar and redwood are ideal for those who like real wood, but make sure that the wood is treated after the deck is built. This will help to prevent the wood from splintering and from getting ruined by the sun and the rain. Composite decking is an option if you want something that will last a little longer and that has a sophisticated appearance. The material won't splinter, making it a safe surface to walk on without shoes compared to wood that could put splinters in the feet. If you need a lot of space, then you want to think about adding two levels to the deck instead of just one level so that there is room for entertaining and room for relaxing or talking to family and friends.

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