From Dawn Until Dusk In Gai Paris


There isn't a mom on the planet that doesn’t dream of seeing Paris. There is just something about it that attracts us like a hot red magnet. The culture, the sights, the smells, the lifestyle and the love; ooh la la, the love. Yeah, it is that capital city that we all want to see desperately, even if just for a day.

Well, let’s say you get that chance - that dream come true - but only have from dawn until dusk to explore everything your heart desires. What then? Where will you go? What would make it onto your must-see list? 

This is an almost impossible question to answer when talking about Paris, but to help you out a little, here is our one-day itinerary, a list full to the brim with can’t miss gems. 


Early Morning - Notre Dame Cathedral
There is a reason why this truly staggering attraction snatches the breath of over ten million people each and every year; it is stunning and it lies right in the heart of Paris. There is just something about its Gothic design and size that makes it so worthwhile, and the way this design catches the morning light is something to behold. There is a little secret stop you must make before running to the next place, though. Right across the street is a bookshop - the Shakespeare And Company - and it is one of those places everyone must pop their head into. It’s so, so, so special.

Mid Morning - Holy Chapel
Less than half a kilometer from the Notre Dame is the Holy Chapel. Don’t worry, this isn’t an ABC tour (Another Bloody Church). The reason you absolutely must stop here on your run around Paris is the inside is mesmerizing. Not only does it house the oldest stained glass windows in France, it has over six hundred square feet of stained glass. You can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful this look when the sun is shining. 


Midday - Louvre Museum
The Paris subway system is great but, with only one day to get around, get yourself an electric scooter and see all you can on your way to the Louvre by riding a vehicle that makes no noise. As for the Louvre, it’s the largest art museum in the world and has arguably the most outstanding collection of fine art, including the Mona Lisa, to pull just one portrait out of the 30,000 pieces it boasts so proudly.

Mid-Afternoon - Jardins Du Luxembourg
You can’t see Paris and not meander around one of their gardens with your mouth hanging open in disbelief. There is the Tuileries Gardens, Bois de Boulogne, and the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. But our personal favorite is Jardins Du Luxembourg, just because it is so nice, so quiet, and so beautiful. It’s the perfect place to catch your breath and maybe even read a book set in Paris while the sun beats down on you. But any of the gardens we mentioned would do this and still manage to melt your heart.

Late Afternoon - Grand Palais
The Great Palace, you don’t get a name like that based on rumor alone. But you’ll realize this yourself when you see the amazing glass roof, the biggest and most beautiful in Europe. It is a must-see, the only tricky decision is when and how. At day, seeing the sun beat through the domes is special, but seeing it at night from the river is equally so. 


Evening - The Eiffel Tower
When you close your eyes and imagine Paris in all its beauty, you start off by imagining the Eiffel Tower and then you imagine seeing Paris from the top of it. And there is no better time to do this than the evening, as the sun starts to set and the city lights begin to flick on and all that love starts to bubble. Wow. It’s as close to magic as you’ll ever experience.

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