Get Your Outside Space BBQ Ready!

Now that summer is almost here, it will come time for being outdoors, getting back to nature, and of course, enjoying a BBQ or two, with family and friends. But in order to make the most of being out in your yard for a BBQ, then you need to have your garden ready, right? You don’t want to get out there and just see everything that needs doing, rather than enjoying your time out there. You also don’t want to have your yard or garden in such a state that it isn’t fit for even being out there. So making sure that it is a safe place to be is key first of all. From there, you can make it a much nicer place to be and get it ready for your summer parties and get togethers.

So if your garden or yard needs a little love before summer and BBQ season can commence, then here are a few ideas to get you started.

Repair Your Lawn. If your lawn is looking fine other than just needing a trim, then make sure that you get the mower out and give it a boost. If it is looking a little worse for wear, then it might be a good idea to either replace some patches of the grass or to get some grass seeds to plant. They might not be completely ready by the time you have your first BBQ of the season, but you can have it looking a little less patchy or bare.

For something completely different, you might even consider getting some artificial grass. It is becoming more and more popular just because it means a much lower maintenance garden than ‘normal’ grass or lawn. So if you feel like you don’t have much time for your garden but do like to be out there enjoying it, then that could be a consideration for you. It still needs care but will mean not patches or weeds emerging.


Pull Out The Weeds. Summer and the sun are great. But one of the things that the summer sun means is that weeds grow more quickly when there is plenty of sunshine. So you might find that you have more and more weeds sprouting up at this time of year. It can be tricky to stay on top of, just because there is so much of it! So take some time to pull all of them out. Then it will leave you with a bit of a blank canvas to carry on with. Then you can just pull weeds as and when they appear.

Getting a weed killer is a good idea too. Pull the weeds and then spray the area with weed killer, and it will prevent more from growing back. The only downside to this is if you grow your own fruits and vegetables. Things like strawberries that have been grown in the back yard can’t be classed as organic when they are sprayed with a weed killer. So that is just something to think about. You can be more selective about where you spray the weed killer, though. There are some more tips about weed control on this site here if you need some more tips and tricks.

Invest in New Seating. A BBQ Isn’t a BBQ unless there is somewhere to sit out and eat, right? You could just put out some blankets on the lawn, but after a while, that isn’t going to be the most comfortable. Especially if you want your BBQ to turn into drinks late into the evening. So one thing to do is to check the seating situation in your garden. If you’ve already got a table and chairs or some outdoor chairs, then they might just need a bit of a spruce up and a wipe down. If you’re garden is lacking somewhere to sit, then this needs to be addressed before you start having any BBQs out there. It might be that you just want a table and chairs. You could even go for a rattan outdoor sofa, like the ones from Bridgman (, for example. You can get some pretty stylish outdoor seating these days, so it is worth shopping around and finding some that fit your budget.


Add Pops of Color. If there ever was a time to be colorful in the garden, then summer is the perfect time! Start by getting some colorful pots and containers for the garden area. You could plant some new plants, or even grow some of your own fruits and vegetables. Things like raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, are the perfect plants to be planting for summer as they are in season and will taste at their best. There are plenty of other ways to add color to the garden, though. You could get some outdoor cushions to add to your furniture, or get some outdoor accessories to display. Some string lantern lights can be a cute way of adding color, as well as creating more light for the garden. The outside space that you have often gets overlooked. But it should be considered as an extra room, just like the rooms indoors are.
Choose a BBQ

If you don’t already have a BBQ for outside, then it is time to think about getting one. You can’t have a very successful BBQ without having an actual BBQ, right? You might want to get a large gas one, or just get a smaller charcoal based one. Either way, getting one with a lid is important. It helps to keep in the heat and cook the meat and veggies to perfection. You could also think about getting a pizza oven for outside too. They can be a fun addition to any BBQ or outdoor party.

Have you got many plans for the summer? I hope that plenty of parties and BBQs outside are part of it. It wouldn’t be summer without having them, right?

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  2. So if your garden or yard needs a little love before summer and BBQ season can commence, then here are a few ideas to get you started.
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