The Ultimate Guide To Creating That Dreamy Hourglass Figure

As a woman, there are a lot of times where we can feel pressured to keep up with the latest trend. Whether it's something to with fashion or the latest hair fad that's got half the world on board, the media are constantly telling us that there are certain things we should be doing with our image. Of course, the bottom line is that how we look is entirely up to us, and we shouldn't feel pressured to abide by the latest fads just to be 'on trend.' But there are some classic looks that have stood the test of time, and one such example is the hourglass figure. Unlike the brief trend for the super thin, athletic figure we saw in the 1990s, the curvy hourglass is not merely a much more feminine-looking body goal to aim for - it's also a much healthier one to achieve, too. Just look at the ultimate queen of the hourglass, Marilyn Monroe. She fluctuated between a size 12 and a 16 for most of her life and is still regarded as one of the sexiest women to have ever lived. Hourglass figures involve being physically fit and healthy, but never to the point that the owner of such as figure is underweight. If you've lusted after this curvy yet toned shape for much of your life, but aren't sure how to get it, here are a few pointers to get you started.

A healthy diet.  Of course, getting the figure you dream of does have a pretty direct link to what you put in your body. Although you don't have to be stick-thin to boast an hourglass figure, you still need to make sure you are at a healthy weight, with a reasonable BMI. Overeating can easily make you lose that feminine silhouette that is most commonly associated with hourglass figures, so take control of your portion sizes and make sure you're getting plenty of protein.

Workouts and waist trainers.  The signature hourglass figure is exactly what the name suggests: broad shoulders and hips, with a tiny waist. However, if you aren't lucky enough to have been born with such a body, there are things you can do to sculpt it on your own. The art of waist-training has gone increasingly mainstream in recent years, with companies such as Royal Lioness bringing wearable waist trainers to the masses. Plus, there are plenty of aerobic exercises designed to help you crunch and squat your way to the perfect hourglass - and plenty of them you can do at home.

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The right clothing.  Fashion should be used to accentuate your assets, and your hourglass figure is no exception to that rule. Learn how to dress to make the most of your figure; waist belts will become your best friend, as will anything that broadens your shoulders and hips. This, in turn, makes your waist appear even smaller, so look out for 50's style A-line skirts and off the shoulder tops, for a strong and flattering look.

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