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Food and travel go hand in hand with each other, and when you think of America, the long road and diners out in the middle of nowhere spring to mind. Now, if you plan on hitting the road, you need to find the best places to eat. And while we all go for pizza, or Jamaican food, or Chinese food, the one real food staple of the US is sumptuous, soulful, and is synonymous with the heartlands. I'm talking about fried chicken. Simple, understated, but oh so tasty. In fact, is there anything tastier than fried chicken? For the modern day traveler and those raised on the exploits of Adam Richman in Man V Food, part of the versatile charm of the United States is the fact that there are so many fantastic places to eat in America, that you are quite literally spoiled for choice. And for the Instagram generation that takes pictures their food, you don’t need to add any filters to a golden-brown drumstick. And while chicken is hardly a reason to go for a jaunt around the country, check out these places that have some great tourist attractions too!

Brenda’s Meat And Three. San Francisco, CA.

An offshoot of the Brenda’s French Soul Food, that place was so popular that it had people queuing around the block, and now there's the Meat And Three diner, standing in line is absolutely worth it for Brenda’s Fried Chicken. It’s only slightly spicy, but with the right amount of pepper and crispiness thrown in for good measure. Have it with the collard greens and some cauliflower gratin, and that is a thing of beauty! Whatever the recipe for that crispy chicken is, you'll come back for more. 

And it’s only down the road from the famous Golden Gate Bridge, the amazing views will certainly beg for a selfie or two. As a landmark, it is one of the real images of America, and if you're feeling brave, you can walk toward the center of the bridge, which is about a 3.5-mile hike. But for the spectacular views of the peninsula and the Bay, it’s worth it. If you really wanted to capture the moment for posterity and Instagram isn’t cutting it, the postcard and greeting card app "MyPostcard"  will make it look like a proper postcard, giving the views the occasion it deserves. A selfie won't do the job on the Golden Gate Bridge, which, by the way, is “international orange,” not gold!

Federal Donuts. Philadelphia, PA.

Image result for the Reading Terminal Market

Don’t be fooled by the name, but Federal Donuts sell all types of food, chicken included! The place is always packed out, and with the chili-garlic glaze, it’s not hard to see why! Check out the buttermilk ranch and have some Japanese cucumber pickles and a honey donut on the side. Trust me! 

 And if you haven’t filled your boots enough, the Reading Terminal Market is a place to check out. It is the nation’s oldest farmers’ market and has emerged as one of the greatest public markets in the US. The options for food pictures here are unlimited, you have the choice of soul food (if you wanted more) to the Philly Cheesesteaks as well the more traditional Pennsylvania Dutch fare. As a place to take pictures of your food, you’ve got a million options!

Motor City Soul Food. Detroit, MI
Image result for Motown Historical Museum

Seeing as it’s the home of Motown, you expect soul to be oozing out of every corner, and Motor City Soul Food carries that tradition right down to the bone. In all respects, it’s Detroit on a plate! The chicken is such a tasty bird that there's really no surprise that there are lines out the door every day. Make the most of the delicious sides too, such as candied yams. But the dessert, banana pudding, is to die for! Get a picture of that bad boy before you inhale it!  

And as soon as you’ve warmed your soul, you need to see the Motown Historical Museum, also known as Hitsville USA, the place where Berry Gordy Jr. single-handedly created the careers of Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and the list goes on… The place of Motown’s first recording studio, Hitsville USA is the place to see where a rich musical legacy came to life. Motown is the blood of Detroit, as well as the soul, and getting some amazing pictures outside the place where Michael Jackson first started his career is something you’ve got to do!

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