Why Is the Refrigerator Not Cooling?

You depend on the refrigerator to safely maintain all of the perishable food items your family needs on a daily basis. It is aggravating to open the doors and find that it is no longer cool, but bordering warm. Below are a few of the reasons your refrigerator might have stopped cooling.

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Thermostat. The thermostat is what allows you to set the temperature of the refrigerator. If it is not working, there is no way that the refrigerator knows to start the cooling process after exceeding a certain temperature. The interior will begin to get warmer and warmer until you notice there is a problem. There are times they can begin acting up and the fridge will be unable to maintain a consistent temperature. This is the time to have it looked at by a professional. 

Compressor. When the compressor quits, it ends the ability of the refrigerator to stay cool. In a quiet environment, you can normally hear the refrigerator compressor kick on. If you no longer hear it working, it needs repaired, or replaced. Depending on the model, this can be one of the more expensive parts to replace.

Freon. Freon is what runs through the coils at the back of the refrigerator and provides the cooling. A small leak can result in frozen coils, but a complete loss will allow the refrigerator to run, but never get cold. have the freon level checked by a professional.

Ice Build-Up Between Freezer and Cooling Compartments. Many refrigerators with an over-the-top freezer compartment have a small opening that allows water to drain. This also allows the cold from the freezer to filter down to the bottom compartment. If this freezes over; the freezer will get too cold and the bottom will not feel cool at all. This requires complete thawing of that area.

Electrical Problems.  Any electrical appliance can suddenly quit working, but the refrigerator is one of the more expensive to lose. There may not be a problem with the mechanical parts, but an electrical issue that makes it quit working. Solving this problem will take the help of an experienced technician.

Since the refrigerator is such an important appliance to your family's health and to your family's budget--you may find that you simply do not have time or the skills to troubleshoot and repair a faulty refrigerator on your own quickly to avoid food spoilage or damage.  Then--it's time to contact a local expert in your area or refrigerator experts like Sub Zero Repair Centers NYC for same-day refrigerator repair NYC today!

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