Hit Birthday Cakes For Young Eaters

Once they understand the concept of birthdays, all kids start to count down to the day when everything is all about them. As parents, you do everything you can to make each birthday party memorable; you either book an amazing venue or your hire fun entertainment, you go crazy with the decorations, and you agonize over the perfect birthday cake. Although you know it’s going to the same place - your child’s stomach - it’s worth making sure the experience is both delicious and memorable. After all, the cake will last an hour at most, but the photographs of their happy faces will last forever.
Kids always have their favorites, whether they’re superheros, princesses, or TV characters. You might not be able to give them an entire party dedicated to their childhood idol, but you can at least give them a birthday cake featuring their cherished characters. If you don’t quite have the culinary skills to make a superhero cake from scratch, the see if there’s something available at costco cakes - will list the prices, size, and range of cakes on offer. It’s worth waiting until close to the day for character-themed cakes because you never know if your little one will still be into Spiderman on the big day.
A classic recipe, and still a hit with most kids. There are so many recipes for chocolate cake out there that it all depends on how decadent you want this cake to be. Once you have a solid base ready, you can decorate it with flourished icing, keep it simple with some fruit and cream, or just dust it with some icing powder. As long as there is a candle for them to blow out, your children won’t sweat the decoration too much
Believe it or not, there are some kids who wouldn’t have a chocolate cake as their first choice. In which case, lemon cake can make a perfect base for some interesting decorations. If the party is going to be a small group of family members and select friends, then you can forget the traditional round design and bake a delicious lemon pound cake instead. This can be topped with some lemon icing, buttercream frosting, lemon cream cheese frosting, or even a selection of fruit.
Children love bright colors, so why not make their cake equally colorful. Rainbow layer cakes might just be the best idea for cakes anyone has had, because they are easier to make that you might think, and they don’t require a lot of decoration because they’re already to bright and lavish. If you have a basic cake recipe that you always use, then all you need to do is add some food coloring to seven different batter mixtures, then stack them and frost them when they’re done. Of course, you could forgo the seven layers and just stick with two layers - mix the different colors into each batter and see it turn into a delightful swirl effect once it’s baked. 

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