Setting Off On A Cycling Holiday


Looking for an active holiday? Cycling is a great activity suitable for all the family that keeps everyone fit whilst costing very little to do. Here are some useful hints and tips for anyone that’s been considering a cycling adventure.

Choosing your destination.  Most places are suitable for cycling from cities to the most rural areas, however some may not be ideal for those of all abilities (important if you’re taking kids along). If you’re cycling around a city, checking that they have a good cycle path network is important. Some of the best cities around the world for cycling include Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Montreal. If you’re exploring somewhere rural, a good cycling community can also be nice to have, allowing you to meet other family and share cycling stories. There are many known cycle routes around the world that could be great places to experience such a holiday.

Renting a bike vs. bringing your own. Renting a bike at your location is likely to cheaper and more sensible in most cases. However, those taking the car away with them may find it just as convenient to take bikes with them. Unless you’ve got a large amount of boot space, you’ll most likely want to get a bike rack fitted. Another option of course could be to buy fold-up bikes to take with you. Having your own bike means that you can plan your own route and not have to worry about damage so much.

Staying safe. It’s important to stay safe whilst on your two-wheeled adventure. Not all countries around the world will enforce at helmets, but it’s sensible to have them. Do note that whilst you can rent helmets at your destinations, safety standards may be different all around the globe.

If you’re thinking of traveling at dark, you should also think about getting some lights fitted on your bike as well as dressing bright or wearing fluorescent colors. Sometimes it’s best to pack these items just in case as you may plan to cycle for only a couple hours and the journey may end up taking longer than you think taking you well into the evening.

On top of this, it’s useful to have some basic repair tool with you such as a puncture kit. A first aid kit can also be worth having in case somebody has a fall.  

Keeping the kids happy. Kids are likely to get tired on a long cycle trip so bear this in mind. There are kid friendly cycle routes across the world that could be worth looking into. These contain regular stops and may have easy terrain as well as low traffic. If the kids don’t seem competent enough to cycle long distances, you could still take them along in a bicycle trailer. These are becoming more popular and allow kids to experience the thrill of the journey without having to do any cycling.

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