The Age Old Vacation Debate: All-Inclusive vs. Self-Catering

If you’re looking to plan your main vacation over the summer or in the coming months, then when you have kids, there are certainly more things to think about. You’ll want to get value for money, as well as having plenty of things for the family to do.

One of the most important decisions, other than where exactly you will travel to, is the type of accommodation that you will have. Will you choose an all-inclusive hotel or a self-catering villa or holiday home? The latter is definitely on the rise with plenty of beach and mountain cabins for sale all around the world. There is definitely a market for holiday homes. But is that going to be better for your family? Hopefully, this quick guide will help you to decide what is best for your family and for your vacation.


Food and Drink.  When you are going to be self-catering, you can pretty much imagine it is going to be like at home. You’ll need to find a supermarket and can plan your family meals accordingly. It can be good if you’ve got fussy eaters or children with allergies as you know what they can or can’t eat and cook accordingly. So if you’re looking to keep costs down, then it can be the cheaper way to go. The only thing is that you have to do the cooking and cleaning, just like at home. Not everyone thinks a vacation should be where they are doing all the chores that they’d be doing at home. So if that is your way of thinking, then all-inclusive might be for you. It can be handy having drinks and snacks on tap. You do pay the price for it, though.
The Accommodation

As a rule, a holiday home is going to be larger than a hotel room, as you get a whole house compared to just one room with a bathroom. So if you are a larger family, you might like the space. A holiday home can be much more private too as it might have its own private pool. You can usually do things like your laundry, which can’t always be done at hotels either, so there is the potential to pack quite lightly. In hotels, you can meet other people which can be fun on vacation, as well as enjoy certain entertainment on an evening, depending on the kind of hotel you choose. So you have to weigh up what is important to you.

Overall Experience.  You need to think about the kind of vacation that you and your family want to have. If you have teens, then not having to get up at a particular time for breakfast could be advantageous and preferred over a hotel stay. The same goes for other meals; do you prefer to have them at set times or just when you feel hungry? Do you want to explore the area or stay quite close by to your hotel? Do you want your vacation to be the time to completely relax or are you fine having it as a home away from home? When you know the answers to these questions, it will help you to decide what to do for sure.

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