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Parents of special needs children face the already challenging world of parenting with additional concerns and obstacles that many fail to understand.  Mother and author, Linda Atwell, has taken the time to share her family's very personal experiences raising a high functioning, special needs child.  I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the book--and I am excited to share my thoughts with our readers today.  What did I think of Loving Lindsey by Linda Atwell? 

I received an Advance Release Copy of this book from the author or publisher for use in this review.  All opinions are my own. 

About the Book

Linda Atwell and her strong-willed daughter, Lindsey―a high-functioning young adult with intellectual disabilities―have always had a complicated relationship. But when Lindsey graduates from Silverton High School at nineteen and gets a job at Goodwill, she also moves into a newly remodeled cottage in her parents’ backyard―and Linda believes that all their difficult times may finally be behind them.

Life, however, proves not to be so simple. As Lindsey plunges into adulthood, she experiments with sex, considers a tubal ligation, and at twenty quits Goodwill and runs away with Emmett, a man more than twice her age. As Lindsey grows closer to Emmett, she slips further away from her family―but Linda, determined to save her daughter, refuses to give up. A touching memoir with unexpected moments of joy and humor, Loving Lindsey is a story about independence, rescue, resilience, and, most of all, love.

My Review  

Loving Lindsey is Written from the Author's Heart.   Atwell doesn't seek to offer special needs parenting advice or act as an expert on the subject.  She has simply shared her family's story with the world--which is never a simple task.  Within a few pages, readers are met with the author's very authentic, very candid, true story.  Her words will not come across as an all knowing manual for managing life with a special needs challenge.  Her words share the story of her family managing life with their uniquely individual, special needs daughter.  The Atwell family's approach to the various challenges faced may not be the ones you or I would have chosen--or maybe they would be exactly the choices we would make or consider. 

Loving Lindsey is truly inspirational--and emotional.  As a reader, I was so drawn to the author's experiences.  Her family braved the challenges of protecting their daughter while encouraging and enabling her independence.  The patience, strength, and hope presented throughout this book are truly inspiring.  Readers will feel every triumph, every success, and every heartbreak.

Would I recommend Loving Lindsey by Linda Atwell?    If you enjoy memoirs and life stories--this book should be on your reading list.  It's wonderfully written.  If you are raising a special needs child (or even if you are not)--you will be touched by Atwell's honesty and bravery as she shares many of her family's special needs parenting decisions and the doubts, ups and downs, and outcomes with you.    I was surprised initially by the author's honesty--and then drawn to expect it.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone whose life is touched by a special needs child. 

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Meet the Author  

Linda Atwell lives in Silverton, Oregon with her husband, John. They have two incredible
adult children. Linda earned her BA from George Fox College, but it is her entrepreneurial
and adventuresome spirits that have inspired her career goals. She owned a successful home
d├ęcor business for ten years before switching to adjusting catastrophe insurance claims and
climbing roofs for a living. Now she writes. Her award-winning work has appeared in print
and online magazines. She irregularly writes a blog about her daughter with special
needs. Atwell is happiest traveling the world, and hopes to get fifty stamps in her passport
before it expires.

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