Pet Parenting: The Important Parts

So you've got your new puppy to love, and you're enjoying every second of it. Brilliant. Although this time is a happy one full of giggles, playing with your new furry friend, you need to make sure you don't forget how to take care of your baby. Cuddles on the sofa and belly rubs for hours are a great start, but remember the responsibilities you're expected to sort out too.
Here's a list of the most important.

Potty training.  If you haven't already got your pup potty trained - you need to get a move on. The longer you allow your dog to use your house as a toilet, the harder it is going to be to change their routine. Whatever you do, don't get angry with your pooch if they have an accident - they're trying their best and just need your patience and understanding.

Vaccines.  Making sure your dog is up to date with all of its vaccines will ensure they won't catch any of the common diseases and flus that lurk around in the air. It's very easy for your pup to get in contact with another, and then catch everything the dog has, just by playing with it or giving it a quick sniff. If your dog has been vaccinated, they should be immune to all infections.

Flea and tick treatment.  Ticks and fleas are awful little critters that torment your pup by feeding on their skin. While ticks are larger and more visible to spot, fleas are tiny, and can reproduce over 600 surviving fleas in under a month! They will bury themselves into your dogs fur and won't stop reproducing unless action is taken. You definitely don't want this to happen, so it's your job to get the appropriate flea and tick medicine for dogs so you can kill any visitors, and prevent them from coming back.

Neutered or spayed.  If you don't plan on breeding, then you must get your dog neutered/spayed. It's not fair to let your dog get worked up and want to do what its body is telling it to, when you aren't allowing it. If your dog is a female, she will be in heat and pine for a mate. If your dog is a male, he may be more aggressive or over excited. The moment you get your dog done, all those built up hormones will disappear, and they will be free to enjoy life without missing out on anything. 
Obedience and commands.  Teaching your dog how to sit, lie down and wait, etc. really does come in handy. Not only does it stimulate your dog's mind and keep them engaged, but it's a brilliant way to build up trust between the two of you. If you're out in a busy area, you want to feel completely confident that your dog will do what you tell them. If you let them off their leash, you should be able to call their name, and they will run right back to you. … Shame you can't teach the Hubby that eh'?

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