Supercooking With Superfoods

To some, cooking can seem like a chore. Nobody wants to spend a huge portion of their lives slaving away over a stove. This is often the reason people end up cooking microwave meals and filling up on processed junk. Here are a few ways you can make cooking more enjoyable so you can live a far healthier lifestyle - you could even become a supercook with superfoods!

Let Your Kids Help You. Why not let your kids help you to cook? This way, you can teach them a few things and they might even develop a healthy habit for later on down the line. You’ll all enjoy eating your creations together too, whether you’ve baked a cake or made your standard Monday night dinner. It’s a great bonding activity!

Try One New Recipe Per Week. Instead of trying a new recipe every day of the week, which can be expensive and frustrating, aim to try one new recipe a week. This helps you to hone your cooking skills without spending too much money on food or stressing yourself out.

Include Superfoods And Amazing Health Ingredients. Superfoods are called super for a reason. They come with tremendous health benefits, and using them in your cooking can really kick things up a notch. There are all kinds of herbs, spices, and powders that will add flavor and help you to improve your health. The infographic below talks a little about turmeric and why you should enjoy more of it in your diet! 

Look at AlgaeCal's Turmeric Curcumin Infographic


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