The DIY Projects That’ll Transform Your Friday Night Plans

We’ve all been there: it’s a Friday night, the bank balance isn’t as healthy as it should be, you don’t know whether it’ll stay sunny or begin to rain, and it’s impossible to find a babysitter. You have no other choice other than to stay in, leaving all the fun adventures to the free and able, as you sit down for another night watching reruns of old television shows. Or do you have another choice? There’s a host of DIY projects that can make your home the place the be, no matter what else is happening out on the town. Get to work now, and say goodbye to boring weekends!


The Games Room

If you have a spare room and a partner and children who are always up for having a night of fun, then why not add a few consoles, toys, and classic game stations and create your own games room? Your children can spend their time playing each other on a PlayStation 4, while you and your partner can go head to head in battle at the table tennis table. If your children are away, this will be the perfect spot for a night of games with your friends.

Home Entertainment

There are few things better than taking the family out to the cinema, but have you seen how much tickets are these days? And that’s before you’ve even bought popcorn and drinks. Instead of venturing out, why not use your spare room as your very own cinema? It's easier than you think; Twiddy put together this guide on home theaters that’ll walk you through every step of the way. On a Friday night, you’ll be able to make plans to watch a classic film on the big screen - without having to leave your home.

In the Garden

Summer is probably the time when having no plans at the weekend hits us hardest. It’s sunny; we have energy; we want to do things! By making a few additions to your garden, you can make sure you’re always able to soak up the best aspects of the sun. Start by adding a BBQ, decking, and tables and chairs, so the essentials have been taken care of. When the temperature begins to dip, make the most of a DIY fire pit and enjoy one of the best experiences of summer: gazing up at the stars as the campfire crackles.

Relaxing Evenings

Fun’s fun, but after a busy week, sometimes all we want to do is sink into a good book with a glass of wine. Create a dedicated reading room (or, if you don’t have a whole room to spare, a reading corner), and you’ll be able to relax in ways you thought were only possible when you were on vacation.

For the Children

Finally, you might just be able to transform your Friday nights by...making sure your kids as always occupied! A playroom that’s just for kids will keep them occupied for hours on end, and help contain any mess they make to a single room. Win-win!

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