Redecorating Your Bathroom With 6 Techniques You Wouldn't Expect

When your bathroom gets to a certain age after initial decoration, it will need a bit of tender loving care to bring it back to life and keep it up to date. This doesn’t necessarily mean ripping all of your tiles off the wall and repainting the whole room though. In this article, I’m going to give you some ideas on how you can refresh and renew your bathroom, with some unusual suggestions included!

Create Your Own Mirror. Okay, so actually creating a mirror could pose as a difficulty for the majority of us, but having multiple smaller mirrors that you can arrange on your bathroom wall will certainly be a focal point for your bathroom. Even if some of the mirrors won't necessarily be ‘used’ they would be there for decoration.

Make Your Own Bath Mat.  Using old towels that you no longer use, or were thinking of throwing away and upcycling them into a super absorbent bath mat is a great way of adding interest to your bathroom. They generally turn out much thicker and look super luxurious to stand on. There are tons of tutorials online, and it’s a really easy make. Have a go today and see what you can create.

Toothbrush Holder.  Like many people, you may just have a plastic cup or holder to store your toothbrushes. Consider welding a toothbrush holder out of some metal you have lying around in your shed. Give it a good scrub to make it nice and shiny and weld together a masterpiece that will display your toothbrushes. If you don’t have a welder, there are many sites that you can easily buy one from, check it out. Be sure not to forget safety precautions while doing so!


Change Your Shower Light.  If you’ve got an LED light in your shower room, why not make it more exciting by switching the bulb with a multicolored one. The light won’t be as harsh, and it will be like having a mini disco while you’re in the shower!

Replace Your Taps or Faucets.  Often, one thing that brings down a bathroom is the taps. Maybe they’ve not been replaced in a while or have broken over time. Replacing your taps will bring a whole new look to the room. You could also take inspiration from the shower light, and install taps with LED lighting that will glow the color of the temperature of the water. Cool right?

Toilet Seat.  Buying a new toilet seat will brighten up any bathroom. You could go for a traditional wooden one, or go for something a little more wacky. Visit your nearest hardware store to see all of the options available to you. Another option would be to buy a toilet lid transfer/sticker, that has some decor to match your bathroom to really tie the room in.

It really is that simple. Your bathroom might not need ‘decorating’ as such, but you could improve little things to get it looking the best it’s ever looked. Try some of these tips today and see what a difference it makes!

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