Leaks And Blockages: Water Should Be On A One Way Street

Can you slowly see your bathtub filling up when you take a shower? Maybe you can see that when you flush your toilet, the water level rises almost til it’s about to spill over, then eventually recedes back into the piping. If you have also noticed that it gets a little cooler every time you walk up the stairs, you may have a leak in your attic. Perhaps, you can see little green spots and patches around your door and window frames too. The culprit of all these problems in your home is water. Somehow, over a long period of time, homes begin to leak water as well as find it difficult to get the water out of the drainage system. Leaks are due to general wear and tear as over the years, the hot weather expands the seals, and then they contract when the colder months arrive. It’s generally easy to fix but requires a knowledge of how to do so properly. Clearing your home of water, so it's only on a one-way street, is a little more complex, but completely feasible to do it on your own. 

Leaking door frames. If you can see the wallpaper or paint on the walls, is shining or gleaming, as if you’re cooking and steam is becoming liquid once it clings onto the walls, you’ve got a leak. Door frames take a lot of punishment if you think about it because they’re the buffer or perhaps the cannon fodder between your force and the door itself. The rubber sealing is asked to stick in place and always achieve a tight seal, but wear and tear take their toll and eventually, rainwater will begin to find a way into your home. The rubber seals are mainly found, only on your back and front door, and usually, at the bottom only; however they may be at the sides too if your home is newer. Buy some rubber door seals called weatherstripping, that has been designed to cope with the elements of harsh weather, which will be thicker and less flexible than the standard seals.  

Unclogging your shower drain. There are many reasons your shower drain can be clogged, for example, there may be mollusks inside the pipe such as snails and slugs, the accumulation of hair and dead skin cells or maybe the piping could be blocked due to limescale. It’s important to act quickly if you see water has a tough time draining from the basin because eventually, the blockage might become too large to be cleared; which will lead to the entire pipe needing replacement. To clear the blockage to try a number of things. When the bath is dry, pour bleach down the drain, and allow the chemicals to eat away at whatever is causing the blockage. After a few hours, pour a decent amount of boiling water in the drain.

One of the most effective ways to chew through any substance or material that is blocking your pipes is to buy a sewer rod. Here's everything you need to know about sewers and sewer rodding! It’s easy to use, by simply sliding the rod down, the mechanism at the tip, makes it's way through, mulching any blockage to whatever length of the pipe is necessary. You could do it the old fashioned way, by using a plunger to violently jerk the blockage backward and forth in a bid to try and release the holding it has on the walls of the pipe. Again, pour boiling water after a good few minutes of plunging. Turn the water off from the mains, and unscrew the pipe. Once you have the pipe separate, use a metal rod to punch through the blockage and clear it manually.

Leaking attic. All the leakage problems in an attic, start due to air escaping or entering the space in your roof.If you can see your wood is slightly darker on one side of the room, or at a particular joining, chances are that’s where the air is coming into your home. Air brings along with its water because it’s been raining, the water might only get a couple of centimeters in. However, the wind’s force, pushes the water in deeper and deeper, until eventually, you have a drip that begins to make a puddle on the floor. Contractors are able to spray a foam insulation, in those hard-to-reach places. Sometimes a little patching here and there will work, but other times it’s a much larger problem.

Fixing the roof. You may need to get your roof fixed because if the tiles are old and eroded, the leak will spread somewhere else. The shingles at the affected area, need to be replaced with either modern materials and or better design. The asphalt underneath the shingles will also need to be checked and either a new layer put on top or simply chipped away and replaced at the area. Proper nailing down of the shingles is also a must because when not properly secured, gusty winds will lift the shingle, even if it is underneath a tile. All it takes is a little crack to form, which will gradually get bigger and bigger.

Blocked toilet. One of the banes of existence is the blocked toilet. It’s where the family comes to do their business and when this system is clogged, it’s not something you want to fester for any longer than needs be. If the water is at a higher level, get a bucket or two full of boiling water at the ready. Simply flush the toilet, and as the water starts to go down, pour in the vast amounts of boiling water. The inertia of the volume of water, together with the blisteringly hot water, may unclog your plumbing instantly. If not, the toilet plunger is the next line of defense. Get a good suction at the bottom of the toilet, i.e., on the mouth of the pipe. Then begin to jerk the plunger up and down, and each time, getting a good suction before pulling up to release the pressure. The vacuum and sudden change in pressure, may break down the blockage and solve the issue. If none of these solutions work, it’s best to call in professional plumbing services in Shrewsbury or your local professional plumber.

Water should be on a water way street when it comes to your home. Keep water out of your home to prevent mold from growing and structural erosion from happening. Sometimes leaks are much larger problems than they seem, and especially so if they’re in the attic. Boiling water is your friend when it comes to unclogging pipes, so learn how best to use it to your advantage.

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