The Meticulous Manual For Manic Moms

Every mother has been there. You’re doing all that you can for your children but it’s never enough in your own mind; you’re always certain that you could be doing more. You’re always worrying about the things you’re already doing for your kid and whether they’re wrong. Whilst there’s not really a “manual” which teaches you the perfect way to bring up your children, as every child is different, there are certainly things you can do to ensure your child is as safe as possible under your care. This meticulous manual might just be the perfect guide to give even the most manic mom some extra tips and inspiration as to how you should look after your child.

Home safety.  Start with your household. When it comes to bringing up your children, you’ll be doing the majority of it at home, and that’s a good thing. You can’t control how safe the outside world is going to be, but you can control the safety features within your home. As we’ve talked about before on our site, it’s so important to think of safety guards around your household when it comes to young children. A stair gate is an important installation you need to make at the top and bottom of your stairs in order to prevent any of your little ones falling.

As your babies become toddlers and young children, the question of safety almost becomes more important because they’re gaining independence but still lacking in some self-awareness. You need to think about all the running around they’ll be doing and how you can prevent them from hurting themselves whilst they do so. Covering up sharp corners on the edges of tables with rubber protectors is a good idea because they’re most likely going to bump into these surfaces at some point.

Role models.  Your child is hugely influenced by you. If you’re looking for a role model then look in the mirror. You need to raise your standards and put yourself on an elevated level for the sake of your little one because they’re going to copy everything you do. Think about the qualities you want your children to possess and lead by example, as suggested over at If you want your kid to be kind and respectful then you need to be kind and respectful. If you don’t want your kid’s first word to be a curse word then make sure you don’t curse (or don’t curse around them, at least). Share experiences with your little one, and teach them newer and better things as they get older. Take it in stages, though. They might not be ready to ride a bike before they’re out of diapers.

Traveling.  Traveling as a family is so much more exciting in terms of making memories than it was before you had children. Nonetheless, whether you’re traveling to the next city over or the next country over, you need to think about the safety of your child. You’ll be heading to a new place and you need to ensure they’re happy to be out of their comfort zone but also that they’re not going to wander off in a new environment. Vacations bring new environments and new challenges. Remember sunscreen (that goes for you too, but it’s so important to protect your child’s skin).

If you’re heading on a road trip then you also need to think about the challenges of a long journey. You might want to check out sites such as for the latest in safe and secure baby seats. It’s so important to take extra precautions when your kids are still so young, but keeping your passengers safe is obviously important even as your children get older. It’s not just about their safety but yours; you’re in control of the car and if you want to be a sensible driver who keeps their eyes on the road then you need to ensure your children aren’t being a distraction. Discourage their arguing, loud noises, or other distracting things when you’re trying to concentrate behind the wheel. Otherwise, it could put all of you in danger.

Subtle education.  If there’s one thing kids hate; it’s being taught things. We’ve all been there; we all remember resisting school at times as a little one. Perhaps one or more of your kids has already reached that stage of coming home and refusing to talk about how their day has been because “school is boring”. Of course, you know now that learning important things about the world is something that has to be done whilst you’re young and your brain is more receptive to these things. That’s why you have to strive to teach your kids lessons in ways that are subtle.

The key is that your child doesn’t even realize they’re essentially being given a lesson by you. You can use mediums such as story books to deliver a powerful message which might teach your child something useful. You could even take them to a museum to see some of the cooler exhibits with dinosaurs and other aspects of ancient history; make learning casual and fun. You might just find that your kid learns more when they feel as if they’re not in a school environment and they can do it of their own accord.

Positive and negative reinforcement.  To bring up a well-rounded child, you need to not only berate and criticize them for the bad things they do but also praise them for the things they do exceptionally well. Positive and negative reinforcement are the two opposite ends of the spectrum and they make for a person who understands both the positives of working hard and the negatives of acting badly. Sitting at one end of the spectrum doesn’t achieve this goal so well. If you tell our kid off but never praise them then they’ll believe they can never do anything right. If you praise your child but are too soft to tell them off then they’ll think they can get away with anything.

You’re walking a tightrope, essentially. As suggested over at, it’s not about being smart but working hard. If you know that your kid is smart but you feel that they’re getting good grades effortlessly then keep pushing them. If they’re doing this well then think about what they could achieve if they actually put in some effort. If you praise them for barely working simply because they’re still getting good grades then they’re going to learn a bad lesson about life. They have to be ready for the challenges that will face them in the future; life won’t always be smooth-sailing. Praise your children when they work hard because that’ll encourage them to challenge themselves in the future.

Happiness.  This is the end goal for both you and your child, at the end of the day. You want a happy kid, and the best way to achieve that is through a happy you. As mentioned over at, there is a lot of research to show that happy mothers often have happy children because their emotional state wears off the family. If you’re full of energy and optimism around your children then they’ll pick up on those traits. They’ll feed on your enthusiasm and happiness. You need to remember that part of being a good mother involves also letting your hair down now and then; leave your kids with your partner or a babysitter from time to time so that you can go out with friends.

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