3 Tips For Handling a Child's Tantrum

Children can be very trying and challenging to our patience. However, it is the constant test of a child that helps us to grow in grace and tolerance. Although it's common to become angry when your child is pushing you, consider a different approach. In fact, consider three.

Press Pause
When we are feeling extremely stressed out, one of the worst things we can do is react to our children. In those moments when our stress levels are high and our tolerance is low, we can take a break within ourselves by choosing silence. You may just need a minute or two, or you may need more. Take the time that you need before you choose how you're going to react.

Give the Child a Break
There are situations where you may have to insist that the child take a break. This may be difficult but sometimes this is a need. Don't shout or speak over the child. Simply take the child and sit him or her in a quiet spot. Don't engage with them until they have calmed down. This may take some time, however, don't be in a rush. You are trying to solve a problem not win a race.

Don't Talk to them Until They're Calm
Resist the urge to get in a conversation with an angry or upset child. Let them know that they can calm down and that you'll be ready to talk when they do. This will be an incentive for them to have the opportunity to express themselves. Calmy tell them what your expectation is and how you'll respond either way. However, encourage the right reaction. You may need to reschedule your appointment with sub zero appliance repair miami, but follow through and help them to meet your expectation.

It takes time and effort to develop the fine art of patience. We must practice this fine art every chance we get. Children create many opportunities for us to practice our patience. We must welcome each opportunity and respond to it with grace and tolerance. This may mean that we need to pause before we react or take a short break before we react. However, each situation is different and might require a different reaction. Practice makes better. The more we practice the skills of grace and tolerance, the easier they become to embrace and understand.

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