How to Emotionally Prepare Yourself for Pregnancy - The 3 Golden Rules


Anything of real value takes work, commitment and the right mentality. That certainly applies when planning for a family and deciding to have to a baby. As with all the important things in life that require planning, emotions and dedication, planning to get pregnant also requires a level of effort. Sometimes the assumption is that ‘pregnancy just kind of happens doesn’t it?’ Well that is certainly true for some, but not necessarily for others so opening up the dialogue for how to help with fertility levels is very important.

One thing that a lot of fertility specialists talk about when they talk about preparing women for pregnancy is; ‘change’. As easy conception is not a given, being open to change, emotionally and physically is one of the most important things that we can do. So today we are going through the three most important ‘changes’ that should take place for those really committed to starting a family.

Be Positive About Opportunity. 

It is very easy to become despondent and down when trying to conceive over an extended time-period. Therefore one really important part of that process should be listening deeply to yourself and allowing the positive opportunities shine through in order to keep you moving forward with a positive and strong frame of mind. If your path to conception is more difficult that you have anticipated then see it as an opportunity to make some decisions about everything that you can do to help your situation. Cleaning up your diet, being active and strong and most importantly being good to yourself and kind and patient throughout the process.

Looking at this period as an opportunity to feel positive about your life, your relationships and the support around you is a wonderful way to begin preparing you for the next, wonderful chapter in your life.

Be Realistic With Yourself.

Now that you have worked on the way you are approaching this process it is now time to get real about the things that you do have control over. We all are lucky enough to know that there are options there and although we know that the ivf cost of a basic ivf cycle in the u.s ranges significantly, we also know that it is there as an option, should we need to explore it later on down the road. Before anyone gets to that point, however, there are many areas that we can be realistic about and have an opportunity to change.

For those struggling to conceive, unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all approach on how to fix the root of the problem, we all wish there was. However there are many things that we do have control over that can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Diet, as mentioned above, is one of the most important influences on pregnancy and is certainly something that we can focus on to ensure that we are at our healthiest and strongest. Look at areas of your lifestyle that might be causing you stress, like long commutes, working too much overtime or perhaps a problematic relationship that may be pulling your body down with damaging levels of anxiety and stress. Check in on yourself to see what areas of your life you can adapt and change in order to be feeling your best physically and emotionally. The little changes really can make all the difference.

The Importance of Patience & Perspective.

As with everything in life, finding the balance between knowing what to change and knowing what doesn’t need fixing, will save us a lot of time and effort. Whilst the changes discussed above are important it is also advisable to not go overboard. When looking to start a family there is a certain amount of trust and patience that needs to be exercised in order to be able to go into the process in a relaxed and calm way.

Many centuries ago perhaps pregnancies ‘simply happened’. However in modern day society women are balancing stressful jobs and chaotic lifestyles and there is a lot more to consider. So whatever you do take your time, be kind to yourself and be patient. Looking after yourself mind, body and soul is the key to all great things in life, so being good to yourself should always be your priority. Preparing for a family comes in all shapes and sizes and the process is different for all women. So surround yourself with support and allow yourself to face your unique journey with positivity and strength.

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