Make More Money By Moving To Asia

Earning a living can be very difficult sometimes. I know there are masses of people that feel as though they’re underpaid for the work they do. It’s hard to feel motivated when you wake up every weekday and know you’re going to work for a company that doesn’t pay you what you deserve.

But, what are the solutions? What can we do to ensure we make more money and don’t feel underpaid and underappreciated? The obvious answer is to go looking for another job. However, should you continue to look for work in the same area that you live in? Are there perhaps more opportunities out there that you don’t even consider because they’re too far away?

The fact is, things might look bleak for you at home, but that doesn’t mean job opportunities are cold all over the world. There are many different cities and countries with thousands of exciting jobs waiting to be filled. As such, perhaps the best way to make more money is by moving abroad and living elsewhere.

Understandably, this presents a big task for anyone that’s looking for work. Can you really justify packing up all your things and moving to a new and foreign country? You can, but only if you move somewhere with a considerably better job outlook than where you’re at now. As the title of this article suggests, Asia may just be the ideal place. It’s a continent with many developing countries, lots of jobs, and great career prospects. If you want to learn more about this idea, keep reading the points below.

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Where Are The Best Places To Work In Asia?

Naturally, your first thought is probably something along the lines of which Asians countries present the best work opportunities? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the top places you should move to if a good job is what you want. Every place on this list has been judged based on the number of jobs available, the standard of the jobs available, the standard of living in the place, and any additional factors too.
Is Singapore a city or a country? Hardly anyone knows the answer to that question, but the truth is it’s both. I think the correct terminology is a city-state, either way, it’s one of the best places to work in Asia, for a multitude of reasons.

Firstly, there are tonnes of jobs on offer in this country/city, particularly in the world of finance and general office/business work. Singapore has a huge and impressive central business district, with some of the world’s leading companies having bases there. But, it’s not just the number of jobs that’s appealing, it’s the quality of them too. These aren’t standard jobs that pay poorly, the average annual salary for immigrants in Singapore is just over $130,000. Good jobs are available, and companies are keen to hire foreign talent, particularly English speaking people.

Speaking of which, you won’t struggle to fit in in Singapore. There are loads of other immigrants out there from English-speaking countries, and most of the population knows the language too. As for the standard of living, it’s brilliant here. They have lots of homes, and the housing development board is constantly working to make things even better. There are things called BTO flats where you can register an interest in new accommodation and developments will be built if there are enough people signing up. The healthcare system is also very good and designed to help the people rather than rob them of their money.

As a little bonus, Singapore also has one of the best and most reliable public transport networks in the world. This makes the commute to work, and around the entire island, a lot easier. All in all, you can see why this is one of the top places to move to if you want to make more money and find a better job.
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is similar to Singapore in many ways. Again, it’s one of those strange places that’s not technically part of another country but is also a city. Regardless of what it is, Hong Kong is a top place to look for work. Once again, most of it is found in the central hub of the city. There is a mightily impressive skyline here, and good skylines normally mean lots of opportunities for work.

It’s also a place that sees great tax benefits for people moving from overseas to work there. As a consequence, you can take home more money than you might at home, due to the tax relief. The average salary is over $150,000 per year, which shows there are some top-level jobs here.

As a place to live there are better and worse. I think Singapore might have a better standard of living, but there are still plenty of houses for sale here and lots of areas to live. The closer to the business district you get, the more flats and apartments there are. If you’re looking for a family home, then you have to venture further out, but there are still great value properties available. Couple this with good public transport and you have a great place to live.
One of the most iconic countries in Asia and a fantastic place to look for a job. Japan has undergone major developments in the last twenty years. It’s really become a modern country filled with great technology and a plethora of opportunities.

Regarding the work here, you’re looking at so many different doors that are standing wide open. Much like the other two places on this list, Japan has one of the busiest business districts in the world. But, the main area of business here is technology and automobiles. Some of the biggest and most popular tech/car companies in the world are based in Japan, such as Toyota and Toshiba. With loads of huge office buildings, there’s always a company with roles that need to be filled. The quality of work is also very high, with many immigrants enjoying annual salaries close to $200,000.

Standard of living here is good too. There are so many different options when it comes to finding a house or flat. Again, if you live on your own, there are loads of apartments close to the busy cities that are perfect for you. But, there’s also a lot of attractive family homes as well. Japan also happens to be a very beautiful place with lots of great tourist attractions, making it a fun place to live too.

These are the top three places to move to for work in Asia at the moment. Honorable mentions include the huge nation of China and the popular backpacking destination of Thailand. Now, let’s address a pressing question you may have had from the beginning.

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Why Asia?
You’ve seen these three amazing places and learned a little bit about what makes each of them great. The question is, why move to Asia in the first place? Why not go somewhere else like Europe or Australia? The simple answer to this question is that when I was doing research on the best countries to work in, it was the Asian ones that kept coming out on top. All of these countries offer great benefits to people willing to move there and work. This includes various tax incentives, as well as positive treatment from the government and locals.

In summary, if you’re sick and tired of being underpaid and overworked, maybe think about moving elsewhere. Asia is very hot right now, and there are lots of jobs out there to help you make more money.

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