How To Organize A School Fundraising Event


Want to raise money for a cause? A school can be the perfect place to raise this money. There are lots of creative ways to host a fundraising event that can get children and adults alike involved. Here are just a few ways to organize such an event.  

Choose your event. An event has to be something fun that people will want to participate in and spend money on. These could be targeted at children such as game stalls or face-painting. Alternatively, they could be focused at adults such as car washes and wine tasting nights. You could even create an event that incorporates children and adults such as a parent-and-child three-legged race or a quiz.

You should consider your talents as you may be able to use these form some kind of event. For example, if you’re a keen baker, you could host a bake sale. Alternatively, if you’re arty, you may be able to host a face-painting stall.

You could decide to host an entire school fete or you may be taking part in one that already pre-arranged. If you’re taking on the ambitious project of a whole school fete, you’ll most likely need to get other parents or friends involved who can help to host stall and brings ideas to the event.

For a list of event ideas you try looking here

Get permission from the school. Make sure that the school agrees to your idea. If you’re hosting a stall at a school fete you may be able to ask the organiser of that fete who may be a fellow parent. Otherwise, you should tell the reception who will be able to run through the rules and regulations. For example, you may need permission to hang things on walls or whether you can use music or whether you can use any equipment supplied by the school such as lighting or a table. This will depend on the nature of the event.

Get sponsors.  Does your event need sponsorship? This will help cover some of the costs of your event whilst also provide some marketing. Sending out a newsletter to parents could be a wise idea. You could get the school to do this or do it yourself using a guide such as Alternatively, you may be able to attend a parents event and ask for support there. You may even be able to get the school to fund you some money. If not, try asking a local business to give you some money in exchange for giving them a mention at your event.
Start advertising your event.  Your event will need to be advertised. The school should be able to help provide some of this advertisement, but you shouldn’t rely wholly on them to do the promoting.
Consider whether your event is open to the general public. If so, it could be worth advertising in other schools. Some schools may not like the idea of you advertising an event at another school on their premises, whilst others may be fine with it.

Print off a few posters and flyers. You may be able to place these in shop windows, on noticeboards and in waiting rooms. If the events are for children, target child-friendly places such as indoor playzones, sweet stores and toy shops. If it’s aimed at adults, you may still want to target parents, so these places could still be worthwhile.

You can also advertise your event online. The best way to do this is to create a Facebook event page. If you’re using photographs of the school, make sure to ask for permission, particularly if they have children in the photographs. Make your Facebook page public and invite all your friends and any fellow parents to attend – they may be able to invite other people. 

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