The Pros and Pitfalls of Owning a Small Dog

Dogs can be a family’s best friend, and if they’re trained properly, healthy, and happy; they make an excellent member of your team, and you won’t be able to imagine your house without them. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that just because a pooch is small in stature, it doesn’t mean they are any easier to train and integrate successfully into family life. Therefore, if you have your heart set on a little canine; you need to be prepared to put in plenty of time, work, and effort, in the knowledge that they aren’t the easy option in comparison to their bigger cousins.

Once a canine companion is well trained and properly taken care of it will bring you plenty of joy and give you some lovely memories; just make sure you’re prepared for the work ahead. The following are some things to consider if you’re ready to introduce a small-breed dog into your home, and what to do to ensure everyone is happy.


They’re Cute But Feisty. Many small terrier and teacup breeds are chosen because of their cute appearance and loyal demeanor. However, these teeny dogs can be feisty, stubborn, and characterful additions to your home, so you’ll need to ensure you’re mentally and physically prepared to take on the challenge of training them. The process of having the right dog for your family should begin before you’ve even brought them home. It’s worth checking out reputable websites that offer advice, and discovering what breeders and puppies are available on their site rather than heading to a pet store and picking up a pooch just because it looks cute. Do your research to ensure that you’re bringing home a healthy pup, so that you don’t end up with more vets bills than anticipated.

A dog from a qualified breeder will be likely to have a decent temperament, and you’ll be able to control those energetic and stubborn characteristics through training with ease.

Keeping An Eye On Their Health.  Little, furry breeds can sometimes suffer health conditions (just like any dog), and it can be a challenge to spot them due to their size and fur. Therefore, you need to be extra vigilant regarding their health and wellbeing. It’s worth doing a weekly check as part of their grooming routine for any injuries, changes in weight and appearance, and any unusual bumps and lumps. The sooner you spot something, the quicker it can be treated, and the less likely it is to cause any long-term issues. 
Training Is Everything.  No dog owner has ever regretted the hard work and dedication they put into training their dog from the very beginning. Just because you have chosen to have a small breed of dog, and they don’t seem to look like much of a threat to anyone or anything; don’t be fooled by their size. Feisty and possessive natures in tiny dogs mean that you’ll need to have plenty of enthusiasm for teaching your pup what’s expected of them and integrating them successfully into your home. Be firm and consistent, and you’ll have the perfect pooch for your family before you know it.

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